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Stamatis Spanoudakis - Down at the Walls

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Prithvi Hai - Mirabai Ceiba

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Prithvi Hai

Prithvi Hai
Akash Hai
Guru Ram Das Hai

Language: Gurmukhi

The Earth is, The Heavens are, Guru Ram Das is.

La Tierra está, los cielos son, Guru Ram Das es

I’m coming home,
Mother Earth.
I’m coming home,
Father Sky.
The river of life
brings me home,
every moment
awakens my soul.

I’m coming home,
Mother Earth.
I’m coming home,
Father Sky.
I’m the river itself,
sounding white,
destinated, wild and free.

the way we were (movie version) - Barbra Streisand

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The Way We Were is a 1973 American romantic drama film, starring Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford, and directed by Sydney Pollack. The screenplay by Arthur Laurents was based on his college days at Cornell University and his experiences with the House Un-American Activities Committee.

A box office success, the film was nominated for several awards and won the Academy Award for Best Original Dramatic Score and Best Original Song for "The Way We Were". The soundtrack recording charted for 23 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and eventually sold in excess of one million copies. (wiki)

Audiomachine - Life Chronicles

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Album: Tree of life        Year: 2013
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Concert Waltz

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Alexander Glazunov, (1865-1936), born in St. Petersburg, Russia, was the major Russian symphonic composer of the generation that followed Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky.

Paintings & Music - Jose Royo & Ernesto Cortazar

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Born in 1945 in Valencia, Spain, Jose Mateu San Hilario, “Royo”, began demonstrating his artistic talent early. At the age of 9 his father, a prominent physician and avid art enthusiast, employed private tutors to instruct Royo in drawing, painting, and sculpture. When Royo turned 14 he entered the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia. Upon turning 18 Royo continued his artistic studies privately with Aldolfo Ferrer Amblat, Chairman of Art Studies at the San Carlos Academy.
-Images from: -http://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoes...
- Music E. Cortazar - Romantico ,Ay Amor -

Someday - Celtic Woman

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