John Sokoloff ~ Her Voice

source: yulno    2015年5月16日
Words and Music by John Sokoloff BMI (2015)
Piano/Synth/Vocal~ John Sokoloff
Electric and Acoustic Guitars ~ Tony Mandracchia
Fender Bass ~ Denny Croy
Sound Engineer ~ Alex Kharlamov


Her voice, it sounded happy
I listened selfishly
Three years I haven’t seen her
But she is still in me.

Our talk was small, by standards
I didn’t really care
Since on this night of empty words –
It’s feelings I would share

She told me of her college days
While work wore out the nights
Why she “hasn’t done a social thing”
Her time has been so tight.

I closed my eyes
And thanked the clock
for playing kindly thief
No mention of another -
I blew the sigh relief

Euphoria begins
with quivers in the soul -
And how do you stop a rock
that’s begun it’s downhill roll
Aching was my heart –
At hearing that voice again
Take this letter now –
to heaven my feelings send..


It came without much warning
A shower in summertime
She mentioned it in passing –
The truth so hard to find.

“My boyfriend can’t communicate
but treats me really nice.
Our future is together..
John...can you lend me some advice..”


Sometimes we expect
the blue sky to turn green
Sometimes we can’t face,
what we have always seen..

But tell me how to stop,
what has begun to roll
This rock has stopped its tumble –
It’s resting on my soul…

Owl City - Verge (Lyric) ft. Aloe Blacc

source: OwlCityVEVO     2015年5月13日
Verge (feat. Aloe Blacc) Lyric Video
Song from the upcoming album Mobile Orchestra available for download here!
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Hindi Zahra - Silence / Photography - Cassoday Harder

source: n nigani     2015年5月10日
Album "Homeland" (2015)
music: 「Silence」,演出者:Hindi Zahra (iTunes)

flumpool凡人譜 [ 某個開始的情景Bookstore on the hill ] Official Music Video

source: binmusictaipei     2015年5月11日
flumpool 最新單曲 「FOUR ROOMS」2015.5.13 與日本同步發行

Vaya Con Dios ~ I don't want to know / Painter: James Crandall

source: MariMari142    2015年5月15日
You've seen him on the street today
Heading for some sleaze cafe
He wasn't alone
He wasn't alone

Some beauty hung onto his arm
I shouldn't need to be alarmed
Now, he's done it before
Yes, he's done it before
Where and how, I don't want to know

You think she's one of his old flames
Some fiery-looking kind of dame
You found her dull but just the same
She stole the show
I don't want to know

Isn't it a crying shame?
You wouldn't mention any names
Afraid I couldn't stand the pain
Or take a blow
Well, I don't want to know

You've seen him on the downtown side
Drinking hard and acting wild
He was not alone
Not on his own

You say he looked a sorry sight
You know he's had another fight
Well, he's done it before
Yes, he's done it before
Where and how, I don't want to know

A smile breaks on your poker face
Tells me, you're gonna throw the ace of spades
And drop it, and watch me fall on evil days
And let me go
No, I don't want to know

Why don't I try to understand
He's just as weak as any other man
He'll come back to me in the end
Now isn't that so?
Oh, I don't want to know

Schiller - Morgenrot - Cherry dreams

source: Serra Purple    2015年5月14日

On Top of The East Mountain (Male version)

source: MadePossible2    2015年5月16日

Moment perdu

source: Mathon Cathy   2015年5月11日
music: 「A Moment Lost」,演出者:Enya (iTunes)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark/夜中漫舞(暗中摸索)

source: musicboxforever     2015年5月16日
I get up in the evening, and I ain't got nothing to say
I come home in the morning, I go to bed feeling the same way
I ain't nothing but tired, man I'm just tired and bored with myself
Hey there baby, I could use just a little help

You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark
This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark

Message just keep getting clearer, radio's on and I'm moving round my place
I check my look in the mirror wanna change my clothes my hair my face
Man I ain't getting nowhere I'm just livin in a dump like this
There's something happening somewhere baby I just know that there is

You sit around getting older there's a joke here somewhere and it's on me
I'll shake this world off my shoulders come on baby the laughs on me
Stay on the streets of this town and they'll be carving you up alright
They say you got to stay hungry hey baby I'm just about starving tonight
I'm dying for some action I'm sick of sitting 'round here trying to write this book
I need a love reaction come on baby give me just one look

You can't start a fire, sittin' 'round cryin' over a broken heart
This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark

You can't start a fire, worryin' about your little world falling apart
This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark

Even if we're just dancing in the dark
Even if we're just dancing in the dark
Even if we're just dancing in the dark

Stonecoat - Ani Tsaguhi

source: AssortiCreative     2015年5月11日
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Epic Goodnight | - EpicMusicVn

source: Epic Music Vn    2015年5月16日
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♦ Tracklist ♦
1. Gareth Coker feat. Aeralie Brighton - Ori and the Blind Forest (Launch Trailer)
2. BOOM - Forever Within
3. Cavendish Trailers - Hemisphere
4. audiomachine - The Return Home
5. Eon Sounds - Chasing The Dream
6. StormSound - Beyond
7. Red Moth Music - Awakenings
8. Sub Pub Music - Arise
9. Imagine Music - The Last Hope of the Earth
10. Ziu & Nyanara - Unforgettable

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Vangelis & Vanessa Mae - Roxanne`s Veil

source: LONA    2015年5月11日
music: 「Roxane's Veil」,演出者:Vanessa-Mae, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Vanessa Mae (iTunes)

Katie Melua ~ It's Only Pain / Paintings - Johnny Morant

source: stef2012bg    2015年5月10日
* Lyrics:
It's only pain, it only hurts
I'm only down on the floor where I've been before
And I'll be here again though it hurts to lose you
It's only pain...

We went so far, we flew so high
Now it's not easy to watch it die
Just let go, not ask the reason why
But it don't matter anymore...

It's only pain, it only hurts
I'm only down on the floor where I've been before
And I'll be here again though it hurts to lose you
It's only pain...

It's not my style, it's not my way
To see the future in shades of gray
Though I still can't bring myself to say
That you don't matter anymore...

It's only pain, it only hurts
I'm only down on the floor where I've been before
And I'll be here again though it hurts to lose you
It's only pain ...

GlassDuo (glass harp) - Songueira - Fantasy

source: Schizandra77    2015年5月13日

Vôo do Beija Flor - Elisa Cristal

source: Juan F    2015年5月13日
Vuelo silencioso del misterio del amor.
Cierro los ojos para ver a donde voy
Volando por el infinito de lo que yo soy
Adentrándome en mi océano interior
Picaflor me lleva!
Picaflor , despierta en mí!
Me lleva a las aguas de este río encantador
Valle dorado de mi lindo picaflor!
Volando por el cielo azul ya que el sol pronto se irá,
Viento suave que me trae su frescor
Picaflor me lleva!
Picaflor , despierta en mí!
Besa suave y hace abierto todos los pétalos de esta flor
Brillo de la mata que incendia el buscador
Pajarito que me encanta, canta la canción de amor
Llévame a donde estás
Picaflor me lleva!
Picaflor , despierta en mí!
Vôo do Beija Flor - Elisa Cristal
Beija Flor, ave que simboliza o despertar para o Ser Natural que se assenta no altar do coração.
Voo silencioso do mistério do amor
Fecho os olhos para ver aonde vou
Voar pelo infinito daquilo que eu sou
(Desvendar/Mergulhar) o oceano interior
Beija-flor me leva
Beija-flor desperta (em mim)
Me leva nas águas deste rio encantador
Vale dourado do meu lindo beija-flor
Voar neste azul, o sol a se pôr
Vento suave me traz o frescor
Beija-flor me leva
Beija-flor desperta (em mim)
Beija suave e faz abrir todas as pétalas desta flor
Brilho da mata que incendia o buscador
Passarinho que me encanta, canta o canto do amor
Me leva para onde você for
Beija-flor me leva
Beija-flor desperta (em mim)

Worldwuan Videos.
Bienvenid@ a Un Mundo Fenomenal.

somewhere in time - tracy huang(黃鶯鶯) & Kevin Ong

soruce: lvcatable cat chan     2015年5月11日
Lyrics : Belinda Foo

Somewhere in time
You came into my world
Love was beyond what I imagined love would be
Now just a dream
I hold till the end of time
Hoping someday we'll find what we left behind

There'll come a day
Our paths will meet again
We'll cross the bridge of time and space to a love that's free
No more goodbyes
No lonely waiting
That'll be our day to love,to live all our dreams

If we believe and keep alive
The hope that love will stand the test of distance and time
Then we shall find our new tomorrow
Somewhere in time

Someday there'll be no time between us
There'll just be endless days for us to love and share
We'll rise above the tears of our lonely years
Into a world beyond today
In another somewhere

If we believe and keep alive
The hope that love will stand the test of distance and time
Then we shall find our new tomorrow
Somewhere in time
(1) 視頻來自︰Jellicle Lu. 謹謝。
(2) 中文字幕經過整理。
music:「Some Where In Time」,演出者:黃鶯鶯 (iTunes)

Alan Jackson - Remember when

source: lucyhuang77     2015年5月11日
Place: SunLinkSea,Nantou County,Taiwan
music:「Remember When」,演出者:Alan Jackson (iTunes)

What Are Words - ft. Peter & Evynne Hollens - ThePianoGuys

source: ThePianoGuys      2015年5月7日
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Peter Hollens Channel: https://goo.gl/jWcTiH
Evynne Hollens Channel: https://goo.gl/KmpsRF
Filmed by FifGen Films - http://www.youtube.com/FifGenFilms
Edited by Shaye Scott

Gerard Joling ~ When Love Calls Out Your Name / Painter: Elvira Amrhein

source: MariMari142    2015年5月11日
Should I go
Should I stay
I can't stand this loneliness
Need I live
Never find the way back to my heart
Starry nights cold as ice
Peaceful place but you are in my mind

oh no no don't go away
save me now
am standing on the doorstep, baby
oh oh no no this foolish game
when love calls out your name
when love calls out your name

Silent hours
I heard the words
Close my eyes but I still see
Charming smile upon your face
I try to find its way

chorus repeat:

Lazy days empty nights
Cold as days
Emptiness inside

chorus repeat:

L'IRLANDE !!!--- ( Irish music )

source: MENOUE 24    2015年5月15日

Couleurs sérénade

source: Mathon Cathy    2015年5月10日
Sur la Sérénade de Schubert
music:「Serenata D.957 - Schubert」,演出者:The Royal Schubert Orchestra (iTuneseMusic)

葉懷佩『越唱越大聲Louder & Louder』MV (電視劇「春梅」主題曲)

source: 杰威爾音樂 JVR Music     2015年5月14日
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ELLA [ 浪費眼淚 Wasted Tears ] Official Music Video

source: 華研國際      2015年5月14日
♪ 線上音樂收聽 ELLA「WHY NOT」:
✓KKBOX - http://kkbox.fm/Qa0AS5
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▶ELLA 陳嘉樺Facebook粉絲頁: https://www.facebook.com/himella

曲:林從胤@眾匠音樂 / 阿仍仍@眾匠音樂
詞:徐世珍/吳輝福 編曲:洪敬堯、溫奕哲

你是不是 受過專業說謊的訓練
你沒學會 偷偷吃完以後要擦嘴
我不明白 犯錯的人為什麼會看起來更心碎

我都已經 選擇原諒你再愛一回
最後你卻 說你走不出你的天黑 你不配

不管是善良 還是愚昧

愛你浪費時間 恨你浪費眼淚
相信你的誓言 還不如去相信 這個世界上有鬼
當你表演可憐 甚至掉下眼淚
想挽回 想得太美
明天還在等我 麻煩請你靠一邊

別把一切 推卸到不快樂的童年
別再隨便 污辱永遠這一個字眼
大開眼界 原來沒有最不要臉

愛你浪費時間 恨你浪費眼淚
相信你的誓言 還不如去相信 這個世界上有鬼
當你表演可憐 甚至掉下眼淚
想挽回 想得太美
離開這樣的你 連傷心都是浪費
沒有真心的人 只是愛情的 殘廢

信 [一樣的月光] Official Music Video

source: 華研國際     2015年5月11日
線上收聽 信 2015全新大碟 [反正我信了]
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✔ Spotify - http://open.spotify.com/album/3X5mO19...
✔ iTunes 下載 Mastered for iTunes 版本 - https://itunes.apple.com/tw/album/fan...

詞Lyricists:羅大佑 / 吳念真          曲Composer:李壽全            改編:信

白牆 歲月上了霜
熟悉的舊時光 用皺紋來收藏
掙扎 戒不掉的欲望
用倔強當風帆 航行在謊言上

天真如我 飛蛾般的叛逆
捆綁自己 以為就可以逃避

一樣的月光 一樣的照著新店溪
一樣的冬天 一樣的下著冰冷的雨
一樣的塵埃 一樣的在風中堆積 在堆積

一樣的笑容 一樣的淚水
一樣的日子 世界改變不了我和你
一樣的笑容 一樣的淚水
一樣的日子 世界改變不了我和你
這世界 不會改變 一樣的 是我和你

我們用青春 去收藏受過的傷
我們用月光 去回憶老黃浦江
我的新店溪 你的黃浦江
我們都在等待 晴朗的力量

一樣的月光 一樣的日子
謊言改不了 我們最初的模樣
一樣的月光 一樣的日子
一樣的倔強 讓我張開翅膀
逆風飛翔 到我們的天堂

什麼時候 兒時玩伴 都離我遠去
什麼時候 身旁的人 已不再熟悉

江蕙 - 感情線 (1993)

source: shichwan    2015年5月9日



林隆璇 - 我愛你這樣深 (1992)

source: shichwan     2015年5月16日


Traditional【Qinghai Lake】

source: MadePossible2    2015年5月16日