John Sokoloff ~ Her Voice

source: yulno    2015年5月16日
Words and Music by John Sokoloff BMI (2015)
Piano/Synth/Vocal~ John Sokoloff
Electric and Acoustic Guitars ~ Tony Mandracchia
Fender Bass ~ Denny Croy
Sound Engineer ~ Alex Kharlamov


Her voice, it sounded happy
I listened selfishly
Three years I haven’t seen her
But she is still in me.

Our talk was small, by standards
I didn’t really care
Since on this night of empty words –
It’s feelings I would share

She told me of her college days
While work wore out the nights
Why she “hasn’t done a social thing”
Her time has been so tight.

I closed my eyes
And thanked the clock
for playing kindly thief
No mention of another -
I blew the sigh relief

Euphoria begins
with quivers in the soul -
And how do you stop a rock
that’s begun it’s downhill roll
Aching was my heart –
At hearing that voice again
Take this letter now –
to heaven my feelings send..


It came without much warning
A shower in summertime
She mentioned it in passing –
The truth so hard to find.

“My boyfriend can’t communicate
but treats me really nice.
Our future is together..
John...can you lend me some advice..”


Sometimes we expect
the blue sky to turn green
Sometimes we can’t face,
what we have always seen..

But tell me how to stop,
what has begun to roll
This rock has stopped its tumble –
It’s resting on my soul…