Marcomé - Yéku

source: AssortiCreative    2015年4月17日
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Like a Flower

source: LONA   2015年4月18日

Searching for Golden Fish

source: LONA     2015年4月19日

Nella Fantasia

source: Angelo Vullo    2015年4月18日
Artist:- Ennio Morricone Gabriel's Oboe Live

Tulips at Roozengaarde Display Garden, Skagit Valley 20150418 4K UHD

source: wittydud     2015年4月20日
Samsung NX1 Film By TriumphRainbow LLC
Music: Divine Lovers by The Sky Project

Un angel llora - Il Divo

source: Mathon Cathy    2015年4月17日

Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc (Audio)

source: LeonardCohenVEVO     2015年4月17日
The song "Joan of Arc" from the album Cant Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour Live.
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About the Album:
The ten songs of this hypnotic album are Cohen rarities recorded on his recent, celebrated "Old Ideas World Tour." The songs on Can't Forget have the immediacy, spontaneity, and thrilling intimacy of the best studio recordings made in the white heat of live performance and Cohen's legendary soundchecks, in which he brings the colors of his virtuoso band to full bloom in harmony with his voice, never more seductive. These are songs and performances of the first order that you can't forget.

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Not My Day - Keith James

source: Kurt Hugo Schneider     2015年4月20日
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Minipop - Precious/迷你流行 - 珍貴

source: musicboxforever    2015年4月19日
You're precious… so selfless…
You begin… a hammering sound
What you wanna now
Say what you wanna now
What you wanna now
Say what you wanna now
You're selfish
Oh you're selfish
If you will hear me
My request is that you're not so cold
What you wanna now
Say what you wanna now
What you wanna now
Say what you wanna now
What you wanna now
Say what you wanna now
What you wanna now
Say what you wanna now… here…

Rilo Kiley - Science vs. Romance/ 科學與浪漫

source: musicboxforever    2015年4月15日
I used to think if I could realize I'd die
Then I would be a lot nicer
Used to believe in a lot more
Now I just see straight ahead

That's not to say I don't have good times
But as for my days
I spend them waiting

Crash sites keep me up at night
Impact division it splits in two
Directly underneath you

As for those things (as for those things)
That act as markers in your life
But in between (but in between)
You can't remember
And so it seems (and so it seems)
That you've grown up and over me
And these silly things (these sill things)
I like to dwell on

Test sites keep me up at night
Chainlink and meters
I talk to you
It's cold out there
But I'm telling you
I'm lonely too

Facts versus romance
You go and call yourself the boss
But we're not robots inside a grid

Text versus romance
You go and add it all you want
Still we're not robots inside a grid

Zeros and Ones...

What's Real - WATERS

source: Ines K.    2015年4月19日
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I've been dreaming of what's real
I've been dreaming just to feel
Home, I could stay in for the night and call this town
I'm in my home, but in the morning I will go

I've been stuck with the same kind of people
Just blind and drunk, we can never see what's real, see what's real
I've been trapped in all kinds of places
Take me away so I can find what's real, find what's real

I've been awaken, I can see
I've been awaken, I can feel
Home, I could stay in for the night and call this town
I'm in my home
When I wake up in the morning I will pack my things and go
With the wind at my back
Fade away into black


And in the morning I will go
I've been stuck with the same kind of people
Just blind and drunk, we can never see what's real, see what's real


Ты мне нравишься

source: Светлана Фастова   2015年4月20日
"Ты мне нравишься" Слова и музыка Вячеслава Малежика

Barbarossa (Arabic battle music)

source: Antti Martikainen     2015年4月20日
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Adam Rafferty - Michelle - Beatles - Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

source: Schizandra77      2015年4月20日
Blaubeuren - Frühling ist da...
Блаубойрен - весна пришла...

Passenger - Whisper II - Short Film

source: Passenger      2015年4月19日
From the new album Whispers II in association with Unicef UK
for a digital copy: http://flyt.it/WhispersIIdlx
for a physical copy of the cd: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UGWLA6K

Luiza Geltz - Digital artist

source: Orban Jolana     2015年4月20日
​​Luiza Gelts is a very fashionable and outstanding digital artist, master in still-life, landscape and other types of photo art. Her fascinating artworks decorate private galleries and connoisseurs’ homes in France, Belgium, Holland, Philippines and other countries.

Evgeny Emelyanov ft. Elena Galitsina - Melanie [Beautiful Emotional Stri...

source: Pandora Journey    2015年4月15日
Music by Evgeny Emelyanov
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Picture by Pene Menn
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A Secret Garden

source: Juancitoamericano    2015年4月17日
Rolf Lovland, born in the city of Kristiansand in southern Norway on 19 April 1955, is one of Norway’s most successful composers, pianist and producer. Together with Fionnuala Sherry, a violinist, he formed the Celtic group ‘Secret Garden’.

周華健【已讀不回 Read,But No Reply.】

source: 滾石唱片 ROCK RECORDS     2015年4月20日
myMusic 音樂在我►http://goo.gl/tA2Rdr

製作:周華健         曲/編曲:李劍青         詞:陳沒

一轉眼 一剎那 一沙一世界
睜一隻眼 閉一眼 一眨一傻眼
一千杯不醉不想睡 一千零一夜乾杯 不醉 不歸

又情人節 愚人節 誰陪我跨年?
等演唱會 同學會 誰與我忘年?
微醺黑深夜食堂內 微電影光圈顯微 微笑 微信給誰

那一溜煙 曇花一現
一溜煙 悠悠 不告而別
那一溜煙 緣起 緣滅都隨緣
猛一回頭 回憶輪迴

多色香味 多少年 似水風流年
太嗔癡癲 好幾歲 不安犯太歲
愛誰誰誰卻點點點 一點點悱惻纏綿 食髓知味 不戒

那一溜煙 驚鴻一瞥
一溜煙 悠悠 不翼而飛
那一溜煙 無怨 無悔無所謂
來電未接 一去不回 都已讀不回

夜磨碎了夜太黑 磨碎了時間 碰不得碰就碎了啊
懸念懸在昨天 還等誰一聲再見

那一溜煙 驚鴻一瞥
一溜煙 悠悠 不翼而飛
那一溜煙 無怨 無悔無所謂
來電未接 一去不回 終不悔

從缺 回眸一瞥
追不回 已讀不回

張洪量 - 你知道我在等你嗎 (1989)

source: shichwan    2015年4月17日