Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

source: Fueled By Ramen      2015年12月24日
Panic! At The Disco's official video for 'Death Of A Bachelor.' New album Death of a Bachelor available January 15, 2016 on DCD2 / Fueled By Ramen. Get an instant download of the single 'Victorious' along with 'Hallelujah,' 'Emperor’s New Clothes,' and 'LA Devotee' when you pre-order the album through Apple Music http://smarturl.it/PATDDeathOfABachelor or Amazon http://smarturl.it/DOABAmazon. Pre-order also available on Google Play http://smarturl.it/DeathOfABachelorGP
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Directed by SCANTRON and Mel Soria

Do I look lonely
I see the shadows on my face
People have told me
I don't look the same
Maybe I lost weight
I'm playing hooky
With the best of the best
Pull my heart out my chest
So that you can see it too

I'm walking the long road
Watching the sky fall
The lace in your dress
Tangles my neck
How do I live

The death of a bachelor
Oh oh oh
Letting the water fall
The death of a bachelor
Oh oh oh
Seems so fitting for
Happily ever after
How could I ask for more
Lifetime of laughter
At the expense
Of the death of a bachelor

I'm cutting my mind off
Feels like my heart is going to burst
Alone at a table for two
And I just want to be served
And when you think of me
Am I the best you've ever had
Share one more drink with me
Smile even though you're sad

Sophie Zelmani ~ If I Could / Paintings - Carrie Graber

source: stef2012bg     2015年12月18日
Sophie Zelmani - If I Could / Album I'm The Rain
If I could
Give anything I could
If my thoughts could do you good

If I could help you with
This part of life you've got to live
You could load your weight on me

If I meant to you
What you mean to me
Your fight would also me
The greatest thing
You could do for me

If I knew
When your pain be shining through
I could be watching over you

If I'd been close
I could reach the things to use
And know just what to do

One thing I will do
To never let you go
Never let you go
Never let you go ...

Belly (Fake Guns Remix) - SWIMM

source: Ines K.      2015年12月20日
picture by Joe Curtin: http://joe-curtin.com/Portland
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Café Anatolia ~ Los Ejes De Mi Caretta

source: MariMari142      2015年12月18日
Artists: Michael & Inessa Garmash
Café Anatolia ~ Los Ejes De Mi Caretta

Kuzema Konstantin Stanislavovich

source: Leonid LL    2015年12月19日
Русский художник Кузема Константин Станиславович родился 15 апреля 1962 года. Проживает в Санкт Петербурге.
Russian artist Kuzema Konstantin Stanislavovich was born on April 15, 1962. Lives in St. Petersburg.

Vũ Cao Đàm

source: Leonid LL    2015年12月21日
Vu Cao Dam (1908 - 2000) родился в Ханое, Вьетнам. В 1932 году он переехал во Францию.
Он является одним из известных вьетнамских художников 20-го века.
Vu Cao Dam (1908-2000) was a Vietnamese painter. He was one of the alumni of Victor Tardieu's École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine in Hanoi in the 1930s, along with Mai Trung Thứ, Lê Phổ and woman painter Lê Thị Lựu to emigrate to France and make a career in Paris.
# music from http://mp3-musicfree.ru/music/...

Giovanni Marradi ~ Prelude (Album Softly)

source: stef2012bg     2015年12月22日
Paintings - E.A.Verdine / Ernie Verdine /

We Are Nature - Enigma

source: Juan F     2015年12月18日
Worldwuan Videos.
Bienvenid@ a Un Mundo Fenomenal.
「We Are Nature」,演出者:Enigma

جفنه علم الغزل

source: Hassan Shokeir    2015年12月17日

Brian Crain - Piano and Violin Duet (Full Album)

source: Brian Crain       2015年12月22日
Listen to the entire Piano and Violin Duet album by Brian Crain. Violin performed by Rita Chepurchenko
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00:00 - Dream of Dreams
04:21 - Time Forgotten
09:46 - Solitary Hill
12:45 - Rain
17:17 - Largo Maestoso
22:08 - Wind
26:34 - Adagio Con Amore
31:58 - Andantino
35:54 - Italian Summer
41:18 - Butterfly Waltz
44:50 - Reminiscence

Home - RAFMAN -Ft. Alex Boye' - Fan Tribute (Lyric video)

source: Alex Boye     2015年12月24日
DOWNLOAD HERE: https://alexboye.bandcamp.com/track/home

PASSENGER - Everything

source: Passenger      2015年12月20日

# lyrics (provided by Alex Hutchinson )
When you got nothing
Free will and free falling you go
When you got nothing youve got something to prove
Then you get something
Something that youve always dreamed about
When youve got something youve got something to lose
They take everything

They'll take your spark, theyll take everything
Yeah they break your heart theyll take everything
Ah cuz nothings ever something until you lose everything

For a while you hold everything,
flying high you dont want to come down
Something stirs down in your soul
Cuz everything's nothing
Till you got somebody to share it with
Somebody to have, somebody to hold
Give them everything
Give them light and dark, give them everything
Give em all your heart, give them everything
Ah cuz nothings ever something until you give everything

Cuz nothing lasts forever
yeah but somethings never change
you know that anything is better
when you got love, youve got everything
Youve got everything

aaahhh everything
aahh ooh everything
Ah cuz nothings ever something until you give everything

Enya - So I could find my way (華納official HD 高畫質官方中字版)

source: 華納音樂 Warner Music Taiwan Official      2015年12月22日
恩雅Enya2015最新專輯《暗天之島Dark Sky Island》
華納購物網 https://goo.gl/MQQY5T
博客來 http://goo.gl/V5bq6i
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佳佳唱片 https://goo.gl/qlzgAX
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最新推薦〈So I Could Find My Way〉
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Enya - Echoes In Rain雨中回聲 (華納official MV)

source: 華納音樂 Warner Music Taiwan Official    2015年12月22日
恩雅Enya2015最新專輯《暗天之島Dark Sky Island》
華納購物網 https://goo.gl/MQQY5T
博客來 http://goo.gl/V5bq6i
五大唱片 http://goo.gl/s5kamT
佳佳唱片 https://goo.gl/qlzgAX
玫瑰大眾購物網 http://goo.gl/UuC1YM

A Gentle Whisper - KEVIN KERN

source:Andreea Petcu    2015年12月22日
This is my gift for Kevin Kern. Happy Birthday , Kevin Kern!

O Holy Night - Josh Gorban

source: lvcatable cat chan      2015年12月23日
Special thanks to orangeHDcom https://www.youtube.com/...- free footages.

Christmas Music - Winter Bunnies

source: Derek Fiechter    2015年12月22日
This beautiful picture is from Xenonia. http://xenonia.deviantart.com/art/Whe...

音樂磁場-不如甭熟悉 (熊本城Japan Kumamoto Castle)

source: lucyhuang77      2015年12月22日

音樂磁場-遺憾 (熊本城/Japan Kumamoto Castle)

source: lucyhuang77     2015年12月24日


source: Duong Tuan     2010年8月12日

【李健 拾光】一往情深的戀人

source: 李健 Official Youtube Channel    2013年10月1日
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#iTunes: http://bit.ly/18OaOrI

如果不能陪你到最後 是否後悔當初我們牽手
如果當初沒能遇見你 現在的我 在哪裡逗留
所有的愛都是冒險 那就心甘情願

我一往情深的戀人 她是我的愛人
她給我的愛就像是 帶著露水的清晨
我多想給她我的真 我心疼的愛人
我願為她守候寂寞 就像這夜晚 深沉

如果我能陪你到最後 是否原諒我曾經放開的手
如果當初沒能遇見你 現在的我 不會為誰停留
所有的愛都是冒險 那就心甘情願

我一往情深的戀人 她是我的愛人
她說與我相愛以後 是她最美的年華
我多想給她我的真 我心疼的愛人
我願為她守候寂寞 就在這夜晚 深沉

我一往情深的戀人 她是我的愛人
她說與我相愛以後 是她最美的年華
我多想給她我的真 我心疼的愛人
我願為她守候寂寞 就像這夜晚 深沉
@李健 官網 http://goo.gl/YdNRK
@李健 臉書 http://goo.gl/EwYEB
@李健 微博 http://goo.gl/82XQa