"HEY JUDE" in a MINOR KEY - Tyler Ward & KHS COVER

source: Kurt Hugo Schneider    2015年10月18日
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Epic Hits | Audiomachine - Best of album INTROS

source: Epic Music VN    2015年10月18日
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Album: Intros (2015)

◇ Tracklist ◇
00:00 Kevin Rix – A New Age
02:24 John A. Graves – Fallen Heroes
04:31 John A. Graves – Return of the King
07:23 Steffan Michael Koch – Vanguard
09:05 Thomas-Adam Habuda – Shadows in the Sky
10:36 Kevin Rix – The Voyage
14:16 Thomas-Adam Habuda – I Was the Rain
15:57 Thomas-Adam Habuda – Changing Heart
18:06 Steffan Michael Koch – Dust to Dust
20:32 Kevin Rix – Ides of September
22:59 Piotr Musial – The Wonder Emporium
24:24 Paul Dinletir – Avenging the Fallen
26:15 Kevin Rix – Gut Check
28:13 Kevin Rix – The Fixer
30:44 Steffan Michael Koch – While the City Sleeps
33:02 Paul Dinletir – Supermoon
35:08 Martyn Corbet – Caprica
36:59 Kevin Rix – For Our Fathers
39:26 Paul Dinletir – Freya
40:53 John A. Graves – Celestia
42:41 Paul Dinletir – The Return Home
46:16 Axl Rosenberg – Longing
48:05 Kevin Rix – Alternate Reality
51:02 Martyn Corbet – The Seventh Fall

Summer wind - Giovanni Marradi

source: Mathon Cathy    2015年10月23日
Une énorme envie de respirer un grand coups !!!!
「Summer Wind」,演出者:Giovanni (iTuneseMusic)

Bailarina de cajita musical R Clayderman

source: Mathon Cathy  2015年10月19日
Ballerine de boita à musique

Paintings & Music - ( Eugen Balakshin painter, - Ocarina )

source: Orban Jolana   2015年10月27日
Song is owned by The Orchard Music
Titl.Amalia -Ocarina
music:「Amalia」,演出者:Ocarina (iTunes)

Hayley Westenra - World Games 2009 Opening Concert (HD - 6 songs)

source: Hayley Westenra International     2015年10月24日
Hayley Westenra ヘイリー singing as the lead artist at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 16 July 2009. 海莉 - 淚光閃閃 This was the opening ceremony concert and Hayley was the lead artist. Here are all six of the songs she was involved in, together with edited fireworks at the end and the closing music. All six songs are available separately in this channel hwivid, or as a playlist, but this video includes a few 'extra' moments and is now in full HD 1920 x 1080p.
Hayley is back in Taipei at the National Concert Hall on 11 December 2015!

Amazing Grace (Hayley Westenra)
The Moon Represents My Heart (Hayley Westenra & Shin)
The Prayer (Hayley Westenra & Russell Watson)
Nada Sousou (Hayley Westenra)
Pokarekare Ana (Hayley Westenra & Russell Watson)
We Are The Champions (Hayley Westenra, Russell Watson, Shin, Tiger Huang)
Fireworks (excerpt)
Closing Music & End Titles (excerpt)

More Hayley Westenra videos are at HWI: http://www.hayley-westenra-internatio... Hayley Westenra ヘイリー singing as the lead artist at the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 16 July 2009. 海莉 - 淚光閃閃
Visit the HWI discussion forum at http://hwi.proboards.com
Original HD broadcast free -to-air by Public Television Service (PTS) in Taiwan, captured and edited by Dave Ludlow for HWI.

A Heart at Rest

source: roytoddmusic   2015年10月21日
Beautiful piano solo music called 'A heart at rest'. This music is composed & performed by Irish pianist Roy Todd ©2015. More information at http://www.roytoddmusic.com

John La Farge_2

source: Leonid LL    2015年10月28日
Джон Ла Фарж (Лафарж) (англ. John La Farge; 1835—1910) — американский художник-монументалист, создатель витражей и декоратор. Член Национальной академии дизайна с 1863 года, был награжден орденом Почётного легиона.
John La Farge (1835-1910), American painter, muralist, stained-glass designer, and writer, was one of the most multifaceted American artists of his time.
Music: Udo Vismann_Letter_from_My_Heart.

薛之謙【一半】官方完整版 MV

source: 海蝶音樂    2015年10月27日

曾之喬 & 阿沁(F.I.R.) [見招拆招 Love's Forever] (偶像劇「必娶女人」片頭曲)

source: 華研國際    2015年10月27日
曲: 阿沁(F.I.R.)   詞: 陳信延、阿沁(F.I.R.)

Love’s forever forever
你最好 還沒看到 我對你偷笑
距離抓得 剛剛好 差一點中招
快要 踩到 甜蜜的圈套
沒想到 你的撒嬌 會將我撂倒
原來聰明到最高 就是懂耍寶
見招 拆招 緣份在勾心鬥角
Forever 每一天 想著我 看著我 抱著我
Please don’t go 每一夜 賴著我 黏著我 陪著我
打敗難搞的寂寞 絕招就是溫柔
一直到 forever 每一秒 一邊愛 一邊鬥 不罷休
Let’s battle每一次 欺負我 設計我 依賴我
I want, I do, I will love you forever
We will, we love, forever
我不想逃 你不想逃 這座愛情的監牢
我不要走 你不要走 看你還有哪一招
難得高手過招 使出所有法寶
親吻 擁抱 刺激著心跳
You will be mine, forever
I will be yours, forever
猜猜你 喔 猜猜我 不要太快揭曉