Hurts - Wish (Official Video)

source: HurtsVEVO        2015年10月6日
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Mirabai Ceiba - Song of the Stars

source: Mirabai Ceiba      2015年10月5日
Song of the Stars from the album Sevati , footage from the Everness Festival in Hungary, edited by Matyas Kelemen -realityenginestudios.com

We are the stars who sing
We sing with our light
We are the birds of fire
We fly over the sky
Our light is a voice
We make a road
for the spirits to pass over...

-Lyrics from the Algonquin Indians

Epic Hits | "ROAD TO 8000 MMR" 1-Hour Epic Battle Music for Playing DOTA...

source: Epic Music VN      2015年10月8日
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0:00 Audiomachine - Quantum
2:20 Talekeeper Studios - Dragon Heart
4:19.John Dreamer - Becoming a Legend
7:51 Liquid Cinema - Forever
9:31.Two Steps From hell - Black Blade
12:04 Audiomachine - Ice of Phoenix
14:15 Mark Petrie - From Within
16:51 Two Steps From hell - Never Back Down
19:40 Future World Music - Follow Your Dream
21:08 Vlado Hudec - Catharsis
25:21 Two Steps From Hell - Flight of the Silverbird
28:40.Really Slow Motion - Shredder
30:25 Immediate Music - Darkness on the Edge of Power
33:22 Two Steps From hell - For The Win
35:28 Immediate Music - Serenata
38:12 Erik Ekholm - When All Lights Go Out
42:27 Immediate Music - Protectors of Truth
46:12 Twisted Jukebox - Angels Will Rise
48:17 PostHaste Music - Omega Point
50:58.John Dreamer - Brotherhood
54:53 Two Steps From hell - Victory
Images: Dota 2 loading screens
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Hurts - Weight of the World (Audio)

source: HurtsVEVO       2015年10月8日
Music video by Hurts performing Weight of the World. (C) 2015 Major Label Limited under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Wildfire - Lyrics - Michael Martin Murphey

source: Somewheremaybe         2015年10月9日
Wildfire was written by Michael Martin Murphey and Larry Cansler and was sung by Michael Martin Murphey in 1975 .This country western classic reached number number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts. It was the lead single from his album Blue Sky - Night Thunder. It may have come from a story told to him as a youth of a Native American legend about a ghost horse. Wildfire

She comes down from Yellow Mountain
On a dark flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire
With a whirlwind by her side
On a cold Nebraska night
Oh, they say she died one winter
When there came a killing frost
And the pony she named Wildfire
Busted down his stall
In a blizzard he was lost
She ran calling Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire
By the dark of the moon I planted
But there came an early snow
There's been a hoot owl howlin' by my window now
For six nights in a row
She's coming for me I know
And on Wildfire we're both gonna go
We'll be riding Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire
She ran calling Wildfire
On Wildfire we're going to ride her
We're gonna leave sod bustin' behind
Get these hard times right on out of our minds
Riding Wildfire

Colorful Autumn

source: LONA       2015年10月3日

PASSENGER - Fools Gold

source: Passenger      2015年10月4日

All That It Takes - Richard J Aaden

source: Ines K.        2015年10月4日
picture by Julia Nimke: https://www.flickr.com/photos/1282257...
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Down this mountain
Down this path
There’s a city where we can
start all over once again
Down this river there’s the hope
to find the man I used to be
to find this missing part of me
You are all that it takes
to put a smile on my face
you are all that it takes
to put some colors in this place
If you feel like a snowflake
if you feel like there’s no way out of here
hang on
don’t panic
It’s gonna be alright
if you’re right here next to me
You are all that it takes
to put a smile on my face
you are all that it takes
to put some colors in this place

王嘯坤【像悲劇的電影一樣】官方完整版 MV

source: 海蝶音樂       2015年10月8日