Epic Hits | "ROAD TO 8000 MMR" 1-Hour Epic Battle Music for Playing DOTA...

source: Epic Music VN      2015年10月8日
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0:00 Audiomachine - Quantum
2:20 Talekeeper Studios - Dragon Heart
4:19.John Dreamer - Becoming a Legend
7:51 Liquid Cinema - Forever
9:31.Two Steps From hell - Black Blade
12:04 Audiomachine - Ice of Phoenix
14:15 Mark Petrie - From Within
16:51 Two Steps From hell - Never Back Down
19:40 Future World Music - Follow Your Dream
21:08 Vlado Hudec - Catharsis
25:21 Two Steps From Hell - Flight of the Silverbird
28:40.Really Slow Motion - Shredder
30:25 Immediate Music - Darkness on the Edge of Power
33:22 Two Steps From hell - For The Win
35:28 Immediate Music - Serenata
38:12 Erik Ekholm - When All Lights Go Out
42:27 Immediate Music - Protectors of Truth
46:12 Twisted Jukebox - Angels Will Rise
48:17 PostHaste Music - Omega Point
50:58.John Dreamer - Brotherhood
54:53 Two Steps From hell - Victory
Images: Dota 2 loading screens
Video was edited by Tuan Phong & Long Phan
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