VLADIMIR VOLEGOV. Polina With Her Daughters

source: Vladimir Volegov   2014年4月13日
Painting to Order. Family portrait.Process of creating oil painting. This video was made in the mode 1 shot in 2 sec. Lesson.
Картина на заказ. Семейный портрет. Мастер-класс.13 april 2014.

曾慶瑜 愛上你是我一生的錯 (1990)

source: juan xin     2015年3月5日

Soundtrack for Piano (1) - 'Andante' by Roy Todd

source: roytoddmusic    2015年8月6日
This is an extract of a beautiful piece of music. It's called 'Andante' - composed by Roy Todd ©2015. This music features on an album called 'Soundtrack for Piano'. The album includes 12 beautifully original works by Roy Todd. For more information on the music of Roy Todd, visit the official website athttp://www.roytoddmusic.com

Pavlo - Leila / Paintings - Valeri Tsenov (Bulgaria)

source: n nigani    2015年8月5日
Album: I Feel Love Again (2002)
Картини - Валери Ценов (България)

Mandalas (Sur Dead can dance par Lisa Gerrard)

source: Mathon Cathy      2015年8月4日

C'était le temps des fleurs

source: Mathon Cathy     2015年7月31日