Joanne Shenandoah - To Those Who Dream

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Composed by Joanne Shenandoah and Floyd Westerman, the song appears in the 1991 album, "Loving Ways" . Here, the traditional Native American chants, blues, folk and country are blended.

Shenandoah, a singer, composer and acoustic guitarist is one of America's most celebrated and critically acclaimed musicians. Holding a record number of 13 Native American Music awards (including a Grammy among a host of others) she has performed extensively internationally. In her work, she promotes universal peace.

Joanne Shenandoah is a direct descendant of Revolutionary War hero Chief John Shenandoah. She is a member of the Wolf Clan of the Oneida Nation, a part of the Iroquois Confederacy. The Oneida Nation is found primarily in New York Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada.

"To Those Who Dream" not only speaks to values and issues in the Oneida culture but also reaches out to non-native seekers of wisdom and understanding.

The line "Aguego Iona nasoah skalonyaday" is in an Iroquian language spoken primarily by Oneida people. There are only about 160 native speakers left.
The correct translation of these words is extremely hard to find; so, my best guess is that these words probably refer to "Beyond the sky, they dream".

As Neil Young said, "she is one of the finest tributes to Native American Music and Culture".

Blues for Elise by Wolf Hoffmann

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Wolf Hoffmann (born December 10, 1959 in Mainz, Germany) is a German guitarist, primarily known as guitarist in the German heavy metal band Accept since 1976. In 1997, he released the album Classical with rock versions of classical pieces.

Beyond the invisible - Enigma

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Lene Marlin - My Love

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Please, come and find me, my love
I'm ready now, to come home
Please, come and find me, my love
Let's leave this place
Let's leave no trace

Can you hear me, my love
I'm shouting in the wind
Can you hear me
Can you see me, my love
I'm drawing in the sand
Can you see me
I hope that I'm still with you
As you are with me
You always will be

Please, come and find me, my love
I'm ready now, to come home
Please, come and find me, my love
Let's leave this place
Let's leave no trace

Can you feel me, my love
I'm hurting so bad
Can you feel it
Can you tell about my thoughts
I wish that you were here
Do you know it
The time that I've had
Don't need anymore
You're the one I wait for

Please, come and find me, my love
I'm ready now, to come home
Please, come and find me, my love
Let's leave this place
Let's leave no trace

Please, come and find me, my love
I'm ready now, to come home
Please, come and find me, my love
Let's leave this place
Let's leave no trace

Mint Royale - From Rusholme with love

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Lex Van Someren---Morging Flight

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Giovanni Marradi - Solitude

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Winter at Mt. Rainier National Park 20141230

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Canon VIXIA HF G30 Film By TriumphRainbow LLC

Drowned Inside Myself - Saint Of Sin feat Jenieva Jane

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Continuando - Jehro - Nederlandse text

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ERA - Avemano Orchestral

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Sukhāvatī - The Song of Western Pure Land Ultimate Bliss

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“Song of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss”
Sukhāvatī (Sanskrit) - Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss
西方極樂世界 [xīfāng jílèshìjiè]
Sukhāvatī (Sanskrit: सुखावती sukhāvatī) refers to the western Pure Land of the Buddha Amitābha in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Sukhāvatī translates to "Land of Bliss."

蔡琴 - 被遺忘的時光 (1979)

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黃鶯鶯 - 天使之戀 (1983)

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林強 - 向前行/Marching Forward

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火車漸漸在起走 再會我的故鄉和親戚
親愛的父母再會吧 到陣的朋友告辭啦
阮欲來去台北打拼 聽人講啥物好空的攏在那
朋友笑我是愛做暝夢的憨子 不管如何路是自己走
OH!再會吧! OH!啥物攏不驚
OH!再會吧! OH!向前行

車站一站一站過去啦 風景一幕一幕親像電影
把自己當作是男主角來扮 雲遊四海可比是小飛俠
不管是幼稚也是樂觀 後果若按怎自己就來擔
原諒不孝的子兒吧 趁我還少年趕緊來打拼
OH!再會吧! OH!啥物攏不驚
OH!再會吧! OH!向前走

台北台北台北車站到啦 欲下車的旅客請趕緊下車
頭前是現在的台北車頭 我的理想和希望攏在這
一棟一棟的高樓大廈 不知有住多少像我這款的憨子
OH!再會吧! OH!啥物攏不驚
OH!再會吧! OH!向前行

Fuegoitaliano ( Tango Flamenco Italiano )

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THE BEST OF PULSAR 2014 [Free Download]

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Tracklistings - CD1:

01. Skysha - Reason To Forgive (Original Mix)
02. Triplane feat. Juli - Fade Away (Danny Chen Remix)
03. Robert Vadney - Nevermore (Original Mix)
04. Stephane Badey - Mars (Original Mix)
05. Aleksandar Radicevic - Proton (Original Mix)
06. Raytheon - Caldera (Farzam Remix)
07. C-Project - Angel Of The South (Ilya ViG Remix)
08. Sound Apparel - The Red Baron (Original Mix)
09. SoundGate - Time For Changes (Original Mix)
10. M.E.D.O. - Burning (Eddie Lung Remix)
11. Skyscape - In Memory Of Sunland (Original Mix)
12. Aeden - In The Universe (Original Mix)

Tracklistings - CD2:
01. Farzam - Narnia (Ellez Ria Remix)
02. Raytheon - Caldera (Ahmed Romel Remix)
03. Ascania - Vortex (Original Mix)
04. Leenoox - Euphoria (Original Mix)
05. Ascania - How Fragile Our Lives Are (Original Mix)
06. John Sunlight - Tear Oneself Away (Original Mix)
07. Aust Mora - Inner World (Farzam Remix)
08. PLH feat. Gen L - Liberty (Farzam Remix)
09. Alex Wackii - Ode To Felix (Ikerya Project Remix)
10. SoundGate - Migration (Original Mix)
11. Aftermorning - Superlative (Dave Cold Remix)
12. Sound Apparel - Dream (Original Mix)

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Bruce Springsteen - I Hung My Head - Sting - Kennedy Center Honors 2014

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Leonard Cohen - Dance me to the end of love

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Notre Dame de Paris, Paris.flv

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Notre-Dame de Paris 1163-1345 | Mille anni di storia


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