Coldplay - Careful Where You Stand (from Acoustic EP)

source: Coldplay Official    2015年7月23日
Released free with a Sunday newspaper in the UK in 2000. Read more about it athttp://timeline.coldplay.com/acoustic...

(lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/coldplay/carefulwhereyoustand.html)
I feel safe
I feel warm
When you're here, can I do no wrong?
I am cured, when I'm by you're side
I'm alright, yes I'm alright

I'm safe when I am with you
And I feel warm if you want me to
I am cured, when I'm by your side
I'm alright

Careful where you stand, my love
Careful where you lay your head
It's true we're always there
Looking out for one another

I feel safe when I'm with you
And I feel warm if you want me to
I am cured when you're all alone
I'm alright


So I'd like a quiet town, please
I'd like a quiet town

Oh now now
Oh now now
And careful where you stand
And careful where you stand

Moreza ~ Amor / Paintings - Mahmood Sabzi

source: stef2012bg     2015年7月28日

Gothic Music - Old Music Box

source: Derek Fiechter    2015年7月28日
Gothic music about an old music box that was found in a dusty attic in a dark mansion. Those who listen to it every day retain their youth and never age.
Holding fast to this secret and never sharing it with any outsiders or even relatives, a rather young couple and their 3 children, ages 7, 12, and 18, open up the music box every day and listen to it during breakfast. Everyone in the house, the butler and all the servants, also never age and the family continues to remain young as they desperately try to hide this secret from the world.
This music I composed is called Old Music Box. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

This spooky picture is by Foto-Rabe.
Nice thumbnail is done by Gaby14link.

Stive Morgan - Window To Paradise (demo fragment)

source: Stive Morgan Project      2015年7月23日
отрывок из новой композиции

黃鶯鶯 - 留不住的故事 (1986)

source: shichwan    2015年7月25日

許多從來不曾在乎的事,如今慢慢地交織成 ...
美好的開始,它最後常常是 ...
在故事的盡頭,我的選擇 ....

music: 「留不住的故事」,演出者:黃鶯鶯 (iTunes)