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source: Epic Music VN    2016年7月6日
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00:00 Songs To Your Eyes - Full Sail
02:50 Songs To Your Eyes - In The Name Of Queen
05:33 Artem Yegorov - Breath of Joy
08:49 Gothic Storm - ASCENDANT
10:47 StudioKolomna - An Epicness
13:12 PostHaste Music - Elevation
15:41 Songs To Your Eyes - Red Mountains
18:20 Gothic Storm - ELEVATION
21:11 PostHaste Music - Zeta Pegasi
24:15 Anthony Greninger - Soaring Mind
27:02 Artem Yegorov - Follow Your Dreams
30:24 Brand X Music - Battleborn
33:25 Antti Martikainen - One Against The World
39:26 Paulo J. Mendes - Elysian Fields (Feat. Alina Lesnik)
41:35 Marcus Warner - In The End
46:41 C21FX - Victorious
49:27 C21FX - Wings of Flight
52:16 Gothic Storm - Golden Age
54:28 Brand X Music - Nexus
57:31 Artem Yegorov - Reflections

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C21FX: http://emvn.co/1SUn3Hr
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Antti Martikainen: http://emvn.co/29gxpiG
Marcus Warner: http://emvn.co/29hhuRJ
Artem Yegorov: http://emvn.co/29hs67e
Anthony Greninger: http://emvn.co/29wIIZn
StudioKolomna: http://emvn.co/29xJanT

霜雪千年 Thousand Years of Frost

source: TaiGekTou     2016年6月12日
Composed by: COP
Performed by: 汏⑦喥
Images: http://imgur.com/a/ogf5O
An exceptional flute performance for a faster paced theme, hope you enjoy it!


source: Adriana Ciobanu     2016年7月10日

2Cellos - Viva la vida

source: nnigani    2016年7月21日
Viva la vida - 2Cellos (Sulic & Hauser)
Paintings - Valeri Tsenov (Bulgaria)

Adam Hurst ~ Lament / Paintings - Michael and Inessa Garmash

source: stef2012bg     2016年7月19日
Adam Hurst - Lament / cello and piano
Album Elegy

Dawn by John Adorney

source: Truus1949      2016年7月12日

Eldar Mansurov - Game of Fate

source: LONA     2016年7月15日

Sunrise - Mt. Rainier National Park WA 20160716 / Music: Prayer by Michael Hoppe

source: TriumphRainbow     2016年7月18日
Video by TriumphRainbow. Music: Prayer by Michael Hoppe
Samsung NX1, Sony RX10 III, StageOne Plus Slider,Pilotfly H2

Sunset in the summer - Music Nikos Ignatiadis

source: Orban Jolana     2016年7月17日

Pineal Gland Calibration ~ Theta Meditation (sample)

source: Source Vibrations    2016年7月12日
This track uses brainwave entrainment technology to help listeners effortlessly relax into a theta state where deep healing and meditation occur. Using the Verdi A=432Hz and aligned to the vibrational correspondences associated with the area between the third eye and the crown, this track is designed to help facilitate an internal environment where transcendent insights might become more accessible.

To get the most out of this track it is recommended that you listen with headphones while lying down or in a reclined seated position. Simply press play and allow yourself to relax. It is unadvisable to listen to this track repeatedly for extended periods, as the neuro-arobic effects may become strenuous on the nervous system. If any discomfort occurs take a break for a day or two to give your system the chance to recuperate. Drink plenty of fresh water after listing.

The Intention:
The pineal gland or ajna chakra is related to the faculty of apprehension. "Calibration" encourages the insight that every aspect of awareness and reality contain two opposite and complimentary parts, each one initiating and defining the other such that duality is a function of a more primary unity. Activation and calibration proposes that opposites do not contradict, each perspective (mental perception) is partial and therefore incomplete. Dualities are reconciled in a non-dual awareness that transcends and includes both pairs of opposites. Activation and calibration of the pineal gland manifests through the capacity to hold two opposite and contradictory perceptions without conflict, contradiction or cognitive dissonance occurring. In this unification of opposites, the mind can settle into the simplicity and subtlety of one's own innate silence.
Esoteric Correspondences;
Planetary Tone: Jupiter
Color Tone: Indigo/Yellow
Download the full 40 min track at: https://sourcevibrations1.bandcamp.co...
or http://www.sourcevibrations.com/produ...