Sarah Blasko - 'No Turning Back'

source: Dew Process    2009年6月17日
Directed by Celeste Potter. From the album 'As Day Follows Night.'
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music: 「No Turning Back」,演出者:Sarah Blasko (iTuneseMusic)

(lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/no-turning-back-lyrics-sarah-...)
I was involved,
Willing or not,
Born in the spark of an eye.
A city on fire,
Is out of control,
I put it down to the match.

In my hand,
On my heart,
Once again.
Against my will,
My own right mind,
Knocked down in the sand.

But there's no turning back,
There's no turning back.
So stop those tears in their tracks
Cause there's no turning back.

So come in your will
To sit on your hands
Did you only want me to love?

To sit for a while,
A talk and a drink,
I followed much to well.

I carried on,
I broke the ice,
It melted once or twice.
I put my heart
Right on the line
Now it's time, my love, it's time.

For there's no turning back,
There's no turning back,
So stop those tears in their tracks,
'Cause there's no turning back.

And when I'm in your arms
I'll try to relax.
Don't wanna lie awake all night
Wondering where we're at.
Oh this tossing and turning
Won't clear these blues away
When I am longing just to hear you say,

There's no turning back
There's not turning back
So stop those tears in their tracks
'Cause there's no turning back

There's no turning back
There's no turning back,
So put your heart in my hands,
'Cause there's no turning back,
Oh, there's no turning back,
Oh, there's no turning back,
I said there's no turning back.

Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift - ONE TAKE Cover w Jayesslee

source: Kurt Hugo Schneider        2015年9月27日
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Had a blast doing this video inside our hotel room in Australia!
Check out this video I just posted on my second channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn65B...
The secret word is "Koala" :) Use it in the comments and I will find the koala-iest ones! haha... i miss australia
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“Wildest Dreams” – originally by Taylor Swift
Written by: Taylor Swift, Max Martin & Karl Johan Schuster
Published by: Sony ATV Music & Kobalt Music Publishing

Andru Donalds__ Simple Obsession

source: GREgor`s WITKowsk`y       2015年9月28日

Mattinata - Gheorghe Zamfir

source: Mathon Cathy      2015年9月21日
「Mattinata (Aubade matinale / Morgenständchen)」,演出者:Gheorghe Zamfir (eMusiciTunes)

Edisun - Pins & Needles (Radio Mix) from the New Alternative Rock Album ...

source: Edisun     2015年9月29日
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「Pins and Needles」,演出者:Edisun (iTunes)


source: bellamoonnature2015年10月1日
SPRING AND AUTUMN COLOUR AT THE JAPANESE GARDENS (Ju Raku En... 'Long life and happiness in a public garden') located adjacent to the campus of the UNIVERSITY of SOUTHERN QUEENSLAND. One of the most peaceful, tranquil and beautiful gardens in Toowoomba (The Garden City)... this 4.5 hectare site, is Australia's most traditionally designed Japanese stroll garden. Its elements of mountain stream and waterfall, dry garden, central lake, azalea hill, three kilometres of paths, 230 species of Japanese and Australian native trees and plants, and lawns combine in a seamless and restful harmony.
Designed by Professor Kinsaku Nakane of Kyoto - renowned as the modern day master of Japanese garden design and famous for the restoration of many of Japan's old gardens and the design and construction of gardens in Japan and throughout the western world.

✿ڰۣڿڰۣڿ 'Japanese gardens ask that you go beyond the garden spiritually, that you look at the garden not merely as an object but also as a path into the realms of spirit'ڰۣڿڰۣڿ✿
•❥ Makoto Ooka in The Temple in the House by Anthony Lawlor
Track(1) 'Into China' music by LynneMusic
Neo Sounds Lic/Order No: 57966
Track (2) 'Night on the Docks' music by Kevin MacLeod (Royalty Free)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
Artist: http://incompetech.com/
Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

Blue Moon - Performed by Billy Vaughn and His Orchestra (1960)

source: lvcatable cat chan         2015年9月26日
「Blue Moon」,演出者:Billy Vaughn (eMusiciTunes)

New album out! 'Enter Infinity'

source: Antti Martikainen      2015年9月30日
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1 Xenospheres
2 Elysion
3 Deep Space Expedition
4 Dystopia
5 Unexplored Territories
6 Disruption
7 Terraforming
8 Endless Frontier
9 Star Odyssey
10 Sky Atlas
11 D3cim4t0r
12 Enter Infinity

Album artwork by Dinodrawing dinodrawing.deviantart.com

Epic Morning | Into The Battle (Hybrid, Massive, Powerful) - EpicMusicVN

source: Epic Music VN        2015年9月26日
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Songs list:
00:00 Epic Score - straight into Battle
02:03 Imagine Music - Champion
04:38 Sub Pub Music - Telekinesis
06:36 Alliance Trailer Music - You Will Die Here
09:15 The 13 Brotherhood - Call To Harm
Images: Battlefield

何晟銘 - 逆相思 - 電視劇「少年四大名捕」片尾曲

source: 福茂唱片        2015年10月5日
詞:趙思聰            曲:譚旋            唱:何晟銘

長歎江湖如夢 夢醒你離去的孤城
笑談兒女情種 深埋在可笑的紅塵

用一世換一吻 你舞步似渾然天成
愛難忘恨太深 煙花一樹終化塵