Best Epic Music of July 2016 | Action Adventure - EpicMusicVN

source: Epic Music VN        2016年8月9日
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00:00 Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre - Renaissance
03:57 David Chappell - Dear You
07:28 Jo Blankenburg - Argus
10:10 Ravenia - We All Died For Honor
14:37 Amine Sebti - River Of Angels
17:22 Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre - Heart of Lore
21:52 Frank Schlimbach feat. Alina Lesnik - Nuria
24:58 Colossal Trailer Music - Colossal Guardian
26:38 Colossal Trailer Music - Dragon Age
30:10 Falk Wunsch - Brave
34:26 Anthony Greninger - With Love
39:00 Jo Blankenburg - Artemis
41:47 Danny Rayel - Irregular Force
45:14 Mechanical Vibes - Exterminator
47:14 Mitchell Miller Music - Howl (Instrumental Version)
49:58 Colossal Trailer Music - Avalanche
51:20 Rise Studios - Someday

All music, images, videos copyrights belong to original artists.
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Colossal Trailer Music: http://emvn.co/20Qe66k
Ravenia: https://ravenia.bandcamp.com/
Phil Rey: http://emvn.co/2atti6C
Jo Blankenburg: http://emvn.co/29GUV8W
Amine Sebti: https://www..com/channel/UCuqqUxDkhuu...
David Chappell: https://soundcloud.com/davidchappell-2
Frank Schlimbach: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01BGXQ5PI
Falk Wunsch: http://falkwuensch.jimdo.com/
Anthony Greninger: https://anthonygreninger.bandcamp.com
Danny Rayel: https://dannyrayel.bandcamp.com
Mechanical Vibes: https://goo.gl/5gdHVR
Rise Studios: www..com/channel/UCoIZYBD_juIpWmvSD_SVRgw
Mitchell Miller: https://goo.gl/zhoq7i

2Cellos - Fragile / Paintings - Valériane Leblond

source: nnigani     2016年7月22日
Fragile - 2Cellos (Sulic & Hauser)

Caetano Veloso - Cajuina / by Gergedan

source: Medea LoveGergedan     2016年5月20日
Esiste gente che dovrebbe essere classificata "patrimonio dell'umanità per la musica". per Gergedan

Music: Kyrie by Antaeus (Sauk Mountain Concrete WA 20160605 4K UHD)

source: wittydud    2016年6月8日
Video by TriumphRainbow
Samsung NX1, Sony RX10 III, StageOne Plus Slider

- Silence of the nature - ( McWay Waterfall ) - Pan flute music-

source: Orban Jolana      2016年7月23日
McWay Falls is an 80-foot waterfall that flows year-round in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, about 37 miles south of Carmel, California. The waterfall is one of two in the region that fall directly into the ocean, the other being Alamere Falls. A 1983 fire and landslides in 1985 altered the topography of McWay Cove, and the fall now meets the ocean only when the tide is in.

Al Conti - Summer time

source: Shik Larisa     2016年7月22日
Music : Al Conti - Eternal majesty

Fantasy Emotional Music - Reverie

source: BrunuhVille     2016年6月13日
Get BrunuhVille's music and follow his Facebook at:
●Bandcamp - http://goo.gl/6mhv6
●iTunes - http://goo.gl/LnYQ2
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●Physical CD's : http://goo.gl/K0LFrk
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Copyright © BrunuhVille

Drawing Time Lapse: Ear (Frontal View)

source: markcrilley    2016年7月8日
NARRATED VERSION: https://youtu.be/R5odzPzHP8A
"The Drawing Lesson" at Amazon: http://amzn.com/0385346336
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source: Vladimir Volegov    2016年7月14日
progress painting

Brian Crain and the BC String Ensemble (Full Album)

source: Brian Crain    2016年7月19日
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00:00 Sunrise
02:42 Butterfly Waltz
06:53 Song for Sienna
10:56 Crimson Sky
15:31 Lavender Hills
18:27 Moonrise
21:51 Flight of the Eagle
25:44 Voice from the Past
28:29 Season of Joy
31:40 Tears in the Fountain
35:43 Eclipse of the Moon
39:53 Kindred Spirits
42:41 White Dove
45:48 The Garden Gate
49:11 Gentle Rain
52:49 Break in the Clouds
56:41 Fly Away

Listen to more of Brian Crain's music on Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora!
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6roo9...
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/artist/brian...
Pandora: http://www.pandora.com/brian-crain
Click Here for Sheet Music: http://briancrain.com/sheet-music/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brian-Crain-...


Best Epic Music of June 2016 | Uplifting Adventure | EpicMusicVN

source: Epic Music VN    2016年7月6日
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00:00 Songs To Your Eyes - Full Sail
02:50 Songs To Your Eyes - In The Name Of Queen
05:33 Artem Yegorov - Breath of Joy
08:49 Gothic Storm - ASCENDANT
10:47 StudioKolomna - An Epicness
13:12 PostHaste Music - Elevation
15:41 Songs To Your Eyes - Red Mountains
18:20 Gothic Storm - ELEVATION
21:11 PostHaste Music - Zeta Pegasi
24:15 Anthony Greninger - Soaring Mind
27:02 Artem Yegorov - Follow Your Dreams
30:24 Brand X Music - Battleborn
33:25 Antti Martikainen - One Against The World
39:26 Paulo J. Mendes - Elysian Fields (Feat. Alina Lesnik)
41:35 Marcus Warner - In The End
46:41 C21FX - Victorious
49:27 C21FX - Wings of Flight
52:16 Gothic Storm - Golden Age
54:28 Brand X Music - Nexus
57:31 Artem Yegorov - Reflections

All music, images, videos copyrights belong to original artists.
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Brand X Music: http://amzn.to/16IQPEX
Future World Music: http://amzn.to/1eHbW2G
PostHaste Music: http://emvn.co/1U8aJBf
Gothic Storm: http://amzn.to/16ZDP3Z
C21FX: http://emvn.co/1SUn3Hr
Songs To Your Eyes: http://emvn.co/29qe42G
Paulo J. Mendes: http://emvn.co/29wDayf
Antti Martikainen: http://emvn.co/29gxpiG
Marcus Warner: http://emvn.co/29hhuRJ
Artem Yegorov: http://emvn.co/29hs67e
Anthony Greninger: http://emvn.co/29wIIZn
StudioKolomna: http://emvn.co/29xJanT

霜雪千年 Thousand Years of Frost

source: TaiGekTou     2016年6月12日
Composed by: COP
Performed by: 汏⑦喥
Images: http://imgur.com/a/ogf5O
An exceptional flute performance for a faster paced theme, hope you enjoy it!


source: Adriana Ciobanu     2016年7月10日

2Cellos - Viva la vida

source: nnigani    2016年7月21日
Viva la vida - 2Cellos (Sulic & Hauser)
Paintings - Valeri Tsenov (Bulgaria)

Adam Hurst ~ Lament / Paintings - Michael and Inessa Garmash

source: stef2012bg     2016年7月19日
Adam Hurst - Lament / cello and piano
Album Elegy

Dawn by John Adorney

source: Truus1949      2016年7月12日

Eldar Mansurov - Game of Fate

source: LONA     2016年7月15日

Sunrise - Mt. Rainier National Park WA 20160716 / Music: Prayer by Michael Hoppe

source: TriumphRainbow     2016年7月18日
Video by TriumphRainbow. Music: Prayer by Michael Hoppe
Samsung NX1, Sony RX10 III, StageOne Plus Slider,Pilotfly H2

Sunset in the summer - Music Nikos Ignatiadis

source: Orban Jolana     2016年7月17日

Pineal Gland Calibration ~ Theta Meditation (sample)

source: Source Vibrations    2016年7月12日
This track uses brainwave entrainment technology to help listeners effortlessly relax into a theta state where deep healing and meditation occur. Using the Verdi A=432Hz and aligned to the vibrational correspondences associated with the area between the third eye and the crown, this track is designed to help facilitate an internal environment where transcendent insights might become more accessible.

To get the most out of this track it is recommended that you listen with headphones while lying down or in a reclined seated position. Simply press play and allow yourself to relax. It is unadvisable to listen to this track repeatedly for extended periods, as the neuro-arobic effects may become strenuous on the nervous system. If any discomfort occurs take a break for a day or two to give your system the chance to recuperate. Drink plenty of fresh water after listing.

The Intention:
The pineal gland or ajna chakra is related to the faculty of apprehension. "Calibration" encourages the insight that every aspect of awareness and reality contain two opposite and complimentary parts, each one initiating and defining the other such that duality is a function of a more primary unity. Activation and calibration proposes that opposites do not contradict, each perspective (mental perception) is partial and therefore incomplete. Dualities are reconciled in a non-dual awareness that transcends and includes both pairs of opposites. Activation and calibration of the pineal gland manifests through the capacity to hold two opposite and contradictory perceptions without conflict, contradiction or cognitive dissonance occurring. In this unification of opposites, the mind can settle into the simplicity and subtlety of one's own innate silence.
Esoteric Correspondences;
Planetary Tone: Jupiter
Color Tone: Indigo/Yellow
Download the full 40 min track at: https://sourcevibrations1.bandcamp.co...
or http://www.sourcevibrations.com/produ...


Epic Music Mix | Powerful Action Trailer - Best Music of MAY 2016 | Epic...

source: Epic Music VN    2016年6月6日
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✦Track list:
00:00 Soundmopi - Eutopia
03:17 audiomachine - Bang and Burn
06:34 Trevor DeMaere - The Limitless
10:12 Songs To Your Eyes - Eternity
13:21 Volta Music - Indestructible Force
16:31 StudioKolomna - Dubstep Trailer
18:15 audiomachine - Mission Command
21:43 Songs To Your Eyes - Goddess Of Destiny
24:31 Volta Music - Defenders of the Earth
27:21 Epic Score - Vow of Honor
30:35 J.T. Peterson - Dreamwalker
33:17 Paulo J. Mendes - The Gates Of Adastria (Feat. Alina Lesnik)
37:36 Tybercore - Spread Your Wings
40:08 Songs To Your Eyes - Heaven
42:47 Volta Music - Aurora Rising
46:15 Diesis Music - Fearless
49:29 Christophe Le Guen - The Witches
53:25 DANIELE - Cerberus
58:41 Colossal Trailer Music - From Dust To Life
01:01:31 Pixelee - Alienation


source: Nuclear Blast Records    2016年5月12日
Including live shots from Avantasia rocking with an amazing crowd in Brazil! Studio track taken from 'GHOSTLIGHTS'! Get it here: http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlights
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'GHOSTLIGHTS' is out on January 29th on NUCLEAR BLAST!
All Versions: http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlights
Nuclear Blast Records: http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsNB
iTunes (Standard): http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsiS
iTunes (Bonus): http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsiB
Amazon MP3 (Standard): http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsAS
Amazon MP3 (Bonus): http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsAB
Google Play (Standard): http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsGS
Google Play (Bonus): http://nblast.de/AvantasiaGhostlightsGB
Homepage: http://www.tobiassammet.com/

Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Violin Cover by Robert Mendoza)

source: RobertMendoza    2016年7月1日
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大魚 Big Fish

source: TaiGekTou   2016年6月29日
From the Chinese animation Big Fish and Begonia
Track title: 大魚 Big Fish
Composed by: 錢雷
Performed by: 紫格哈哈
Images: http://imgur.com/a/YP1l8 by 伊吹五月

Rosée du matin

source: Mathon Cathy    2016年5月8日
Sur Qawns dew par Ketsa

Nicholas Gunn - On The Shores Of Tulum ...

source: iRememberYouStill 2016年6月9日
for channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mystical...

行街 - 江南絲竹 -《清明上河圖》清乾隆臨摹本

source: lvcatable cat chan    2016年7月7日
~《清明上河圖》清乾隆臨摹本(又稱 : 清院本《清明上河圖》),現藏於台北國立故宮博物院。作品為清乾隆元年(1736年) 由五位宮廷畫家共同繪畫,描繪汴河兩岸清明時節的繁華景象,畫工細膩精緻,美不勝收。~
江南絲竹簡介 ︰
中國傳統器樂絲竹樂的一種,流行於江蘇南部和浙江一帶。 辛亥革命以後,在上海地區得到較大的發展,相繼成立了"鈞天集"、"清平集"、"雅歌集"、"國樂研究社"等組織。 經常演奏的曲目有《歡樂歌》、《雲慶》、《行街》、《四合如意》、《三六》、《慢三六》、《中花六板》、《慢六板》 八首,號稱"八大名曲"。此外,《老六板》、《快六板》、《霓裳曲》、《柳青娘》、《鴿飛》、《高山》、《流水》、《疊層樓》等樂曲​​也較流行。 江南絲竹的樂隊編制一般為七至八人,少則三至五人。
常用樂器有二胡、小三弦、琵琶、揚琴、笛子、簫、笙、鼓、板、木魚、鈴等。 演奏《四合如意》時,間或採用"雙橋"形式,即使用加倍的樂器編制。 另外,也有由兩人演奏的形式,如用二胡和簫。

Bernward Koch × New Morning

source: Bine P    2016年7月7日
Album : Remembering

Hood River Oregon 20160625 / Music: Silver Bullets Music Library "Global Peace"

source: TriumphRainbow     2016年6月27日
Video by TriumphRainbow.
Samsung NX1, Sony RX10 III, StageOne Plus Slider

Goxwa Borg

source: Leonid LL     2016年6月27日
Гоксва Борг (Goxwa Borg) — мальтийская художница, родилась в 1961 году, в Валетте, Мальта. Начала рисовать ещё в детстве и уже в очень молодом возрасте поняла, что её будущее будет прочно связано с изобразительным искусством. После школы она поступила в школе искусств Санкт-Мартин. Несколько лет спустя, Борг переехала в Бостон, где она продолжила учёбу в колледже Emerson по специальности киноведение.
Maltese painter Goxwa Borg was born in Valetta, Malta. She began painting at a very young age and enrolled at the Saint Martin School of Art. Years later, she moved to Boston where she attended Emerson College for film studies. In 1993 she was awarded fellowship at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.


大話西遊之一生所愛(盧冠廷 & 莫文蔚)

source: Jeffrey Li          2014年7月3日



Katie Melua ~ The One I Love Is Gone / Painter: Christian Schloe

source: MariMari142      2016年6月26日
I don't know, I don't know
Where I'll go or what I'll do
It makes no difference what I do without you

Oh I love you my darling
But I'll have to let you leave
Goodbye it's the last you'll hear of me

Well I found the bluebird
High on a mountainside
And the little bird would sing its little song

So I'll sigh, I'll cry
I'll even wanna die
For the one I love is gone.

Well I found the bluebird
High on a mountainside
And the little bird would sing its little song

So I'll sigh, I'll cry
I'll even wanna die
For the one I love is gone.

I'll sigh, I'll cry
I'll even wanna die
For the one I love is gone.

Within Temptation - Live at Hellfest Festival 2016

source: Within Temptation      2016年6月22日
Check out Within Temptation's performance of Mother Earth and Paradise (featuring Tarja Turunen) at Hellfest 2016!
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Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wtofficial

Gregorian Voices × The Sound Of Silence

source: Bine P      2016年7月1日
Album: Mystica — Best Of Gregorian Voices, 2016

Стефан Вълдобрев и Обичайните заподозрени – По-полека

source: nnigani      2016年6月30日
Музика и текст: Стефан Вълдобрев
Тръгвам натам където, няма път или пътека
Бяга светът, но ние ще я караме полека
Сядаме пред вълните и на пясъка с китара
Барът е до морето и морето е до бара

Времето лети все по-далеко, ние го следим, но по-полека
Чорлави глави като пирати, пеем и чакаме зората.
Времето лети все по-далеко, ние го следим, но по-полека
Огънят гори, луната мига и за сега това ни стига.

Утрото без аларма е като небе без облак
Някой е спрял Земята, а бедрата ти са топли.
Гледаме към вълните и на пясъка с китара
Барът е до морето и морето е до бара.

Времето лети все по-далеко, ние го следим, но по-полека
Чорлави глави като пирати, пеем и чакаме зората.
Времето лети все по-далеко, ние го следим, но по-полека
Огънят гори, луната мига и за сега това ни стига.

По-високо, по-нагоре, повече по много,
по-богато, по-голямо, по-добре, по-много.
По-велико, по-красиво, малко по-такова,
по-дебело, по-широко, опаковано готово.
По-любимо, по-активно, по-необходимо,
по-напред, по-набързо, по-веднага, по-живо.
По-велико, по-красиво, по-чисто ново,
непременно по-такова, опаковано готово.
По-високо, по-нагоре, повече по много,
по-богато, по-голямо, по-добре, по-ново.
Поогледай се, послушай, поразпитай, помълчи,
потанцувай си, почакай, наслади се на момента,
забави, забави, по-полека, забави, забави...
по-полека, забави, забави, по-полека, забави, забави

Времето лети все по-далеко, ние го следим, но по-полека
Чорлави глави като пирати, пеем и чакаме зората.
Времето лети все по-далеко, ние го следим, но по-полека

Огънят гори, луната мига и за сега това ни стига.

Un million d’années (A million years) - Bastien Lallemant - French and E...

source: lvcatable cat chan    2015年10月30日
Bastien Lallemant is a French songwriter and performer originally from Dijon. Before starting his solo career in the early 2000s, he was a member of a group called Les joueurs de biques. (From : Wiki)
Lyrics & translation : Acclaimed Music Forums

Llewellyn "The Dreamweavers"--Hood River Lavender Farms 20160625 4K UHD

source: TriumphRainbow     2016年6月30日
Video by TriumphRainbow.
Samsung NX1, StageOne Plus Slider

Foolish Heart - Ernesto Cortázar

source: Juan F     2016年6月29日
Música a 432 Hz.
Worldwuan Videos.
Bienvenid@ a Un Mundo Fenomenal.

Laurent Parcelier SUMMER SUNBEAMS

source: Irma irmash       2016年6月19日


source: Mathon Cathy        2016年7月5日

Relax (Mikael Tariverdiev - Two on the veranda)

source: Leonid LL        2016年6月27日


432 Hz - Swadhisthana - Sound Asanas - 2nd Chakra

source: Source Vibrations     2016年6月5日
2nd Track From the album Sound Asanas by Source Vibrations
39+ minutes of listening and meditation: http://www.sourcevibrations.com/produ...
Exploring a gradient of Ambient Downtempo, New Age, and Avant-garde flavors, this album features a dynamic range of sounds and aural imagery. World instruments and symphonic elements like violin, duduk, choral embellishments, as well as electronic elements like sweeping pads, deep percussive hits, and morphing textures are all tuned to A=432Hz. Tracks are sonically shaped using the color tone correspondences. This album offers a unique depiction of the energetic themes of the chakra system.
All music, art and video are original works by Source Vibrations. Copyright © Source Vibrations. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use for Music, Art and Videos http://www.sourcevibrations.com/terms...

La Vie En Rose ~ Beegie Adair feat. David Davidson / Paintings - Jean-Pierre Cassigneul

source: stef2012bg       2016年6月19日
Album - "Parisian Cafe" 2009
"Parisian Cafe" - featuring Beegie Adair on piano, David Davidson on violin, Jeff Taylor (accordion), Roger Spencer (bass), Chris Brown (drums).

Fantasy Music - Elves of Sky Mountain

source: Derek Fiechter       2016年4月14日
Fantasy music about elves who live high up in the snowy mountains which reach up into the clouds. This music I composed is called Elves of Sky Mountain. I hope you enjoy listening to it!
This great picture is done by Radittz: http://radittz.deviantart.com/art/End...

Schiller - Mirai

source: Seven7Lives     2016年6月22日

Fairytale by Peter Crowley--Washington State's Parks 201606 4K UHD

source: TriumphRainbow    2016年6月20日
Video by TriumphRainbow, Samsung NX1, Sony RX10 III

Chris Spheeris × Golden Days

source: Bine P     2016年6月27日

ROMANTIC PLACES with lounge music Gelvetta

source: Irma irmash       2016年6月19日

Vangelis & Vanessa Mae - Roxanne's Veil

source: Shik Larisa      2016年4月15日
Vangelis & Vanessa Mae - Roxanne's Veil (Atmospheric video 720p HD)
Disclaimer: All music are copyrighted to their respective owners. No infringement intended. All Rights Reserved to Record company SME.
#Vangelis & #VanessaMae - #RoxannesVeil

Tale Of A Nameless Wanderer - KISNOU

source: Ines K.     2016年6月5日
picture by Brian James Kip: http://brianjamesphotography.net/
stalk KISNOU:
stalk me:

Giner Bueno / Music_ Esther Garcia_A Beautiful Day.

source: Leonid LL     2016年6月8日
Испанский художник Giner Bueno (1935-2000).
Spanish artist Giner Bueno (1935-2000).


Beautiful Female Vocal | 2-Hours Epic Emotional | Epic Music Mix | Epic ...

source: Epic Music VN     2016年5月8日
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00:00 Liquid Cinema - Falling Away
02:45 Brand X Music – Innocence Of Youth
05:45 Brand X Music - Beautiful Dreamer
09:24 J.T. Peterson - The Trailer
12:38 STYE (Songs To Your Eyes) - Achilles Tears
17:42 Ivan Torrent - Human Legacy
22:15 Iliya Zaki - Memories of Leah
26:49 Morten Malvik - Into A Dream
31:17 Fired Earth Music - Strength of Destiny
33:49 Thomas Bergersen - Creation of Earth
39:29 Brand X Music - Everlasting
42:23 Brand X Music - Illumination
44:32 Immediate Music - This World of Wonders
48:21 Epic Score - Siren's Call
50:55 Two Steps From Hell - Miracles
56:19 Thomas Bergersen - A Place In Heaven
01:00:29 Brand X Music - Through the Ages
01:02:29 Songs To Your Eyes - The Infinity Paradox
01:07:10 Songs To Your Eyes - Perseus
01:12:13 Mayrain - Forgotten Mountain
01:16:10 BrunuhVille - Rebirth
01:20:13 BrunuhVille - Anima
01:24:23 Two Steps From Hell - Sun Gazer
01:27:06 Thomas Bergersen - New Life
01:31:43 Selectracks - Black Opium
01:34:47 Michael Maas - Morpheus and The Dream (feat. Felicia Farerre)
01:37:37 J2 & Chroma Music - I Will Survive (Epic Trailer Vers)
01:42:41 Fired Earth Music - Aphelion
01:45:02 Two Steps From Hell - My Freedom (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)
01:48:53 Thomas Bergesen - Colors of Love
01:55:14 Arn Anderson - Atlantis
01:57:12 Two Steps From Hell - Friendship to Last

Gomer Edwin Evans × Heilender Fluss der Harmonie

source: Bine P      2016年4月27日

Sands of time--Paul Spaeth

source: Mathon Cathy      2016年6月8日

Lazy Day - Lyrics - Spanky and Our Gang (1967)

source: Somewheremaybe        2016年4月19日
Lazy Day is a psychedelic pop song performed by the folk rock band Spanky and Our Gang in 1967 and it reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 . The song appeared on their album Spanky and Our Gang. The band was led by the central Illinois native Elaine " Spanky " McFarlane . It was written by George Fishoff and Tony Powers.....This is being posted at this time to celebrate the arrival of spring :)

Lazy Day
Blue sky, sunshine
What a day to take a walk in the park
Ice cream, daydream
Till the sky becomes a blanket of stars

What a day for a picking daises
And lots of red balloons
And what a day for holdin' hands
And bein' with you

Lazy day, just right for lovin' away
Lazy day made for a strollin' the lane
Baby, you and me, baby you and me
And a honey bee 'neath a shady tree
Lazy day, lazy day, lazy day for you and me

Blue sky, sunshine
Flowers bloomin', children sayin' hello
Rowboats, bird notes
People smilin' everywhere that we go

What a day to be together

And what a sky of blue
And what a day for thinkin' right out loud
I love you

Lazy day, just right for lovin' away
Lazy day made for a strollin' the lane
Baby, you and me, baby you and me
And a honey bee 'neath a shady tree
Lazy day, lazy day, lazy day for you and me

What a day for a picking daises
And lots of red balloons
And what a day for thinkin' right out loud
I love you

Lazy day, just right for lovin' away
Lazy day made for a strollin' the lane
Lazy day, just right for lovin' away
Lazy day made for a strollin' the lane

Spring Time - April 2016 4K UHD

source: wittydud      2016年4月28日
Video by TriumphRainbow Samsung NX1 StageOne Plus Slider

Strings Of Desire - Behzad ( The Ochard Music CD Baby )

source: Orban Jolana     2016年6月5日

Becomes life... (Γίνεται ζωή ...)

source: Stamatis Spanoudakis     2016年5月9日
Becomes life... (Γίνεται ζωή ...)
Composed, arranged, produced, performed & recorded by Stamatis Spanoudakis
From the record: Bathed in the sun
Από τόν δίσκο: Ηλιοποτισμένη
Violin: Kyriakos Gouventas
2nd violins: Efi Christodoulou
Photo: Dimitris Talianis
P&C Stamatis Spanoudakis
▶ WebSite: http://www.stamatisspanoudakis.com

George Winston from the Lesher Center for the Arts.

source: City of Walnut Creek    2013年6月19日
George Winston performs from the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek. The 1 hour show includes classic pieces from George and an interview with Matt Bolender from WCTV.

Lo mejor de tu vida - Julio Iglesias - Spanish and English Subtitles -

source: lvcatable cat chan      2015年11月18日
~ 《細水長流》原曲。~
Lo mejor de tu vida - The spanish guitar - 《細水長流》音樂版
《細水長流》 - 蔡齡齡。

"Lo Mejor de Tu Vida" ("The Best Part of Your Life") is a ballad written and produced by Spanish singer-songwriter Manuel Alejandro, co-written by Marian Beigbeder, and performed by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. It was released as the first single from his studio album Un Hombre Solo in 1987. The song became the first by a male performer to spend 13 weeks at number one in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart and held the record for the biggest leap to the top of the chart for over twenty years (from 14 to 1) until Mexican rock band Maná leapt from 22 to number one with "Manda Una Señal" in 2007.
"Lo Mejor de Tu Vida" is also recognized as one of Iglesias' signature songs and has been covered by several singers, including Tamara, Simone, Ray Conniff, Bertín Osborne and Alexandre Pires.
Julio Iglesias was the most popular Latin singer of the 1970s and 1980s, selling over 100 million albums around the world. In 1968, he was a contestant at the 1968 Spanish Song Festival at Benidorm, singing his original song "La Vida Sigue Igual". Iglesias won the first prize at the contest, which led to a record contract with Columbia, an independent record label. During the 1970s, he toured Europe and Latin America, gaining a large fan base with hits like 1975's "Manuela", written by Manuel Alejandro. A few years before, Iglesias was watching another performer during a music festival and thought that the song he was singing was beautiful, began asking who was the writer of the track, and someone told him that the songwriter was Manuel Alejandro. Iglesias refers to Alejandro as the "greatest Spanish songwriter in history." Alejandro and Iglesias worked together again on Un Hombre Solo which was awarded the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Performance and sold three million copies worldwide. Manuel Alejandro said to the Spanish newspaper La Revista that Iglesias was the best performer of his songs, and praised the simplicity of his work.   (From : Wiki)


source: 音樂台     2014年6月22日
01 00:01-03:09 再愛我一次(1996)。
02 03:10-06:50 跟我說愛我(1996)。
03 06:51-11:26 抉擇(1996)。
04 11:27-15:43 恰似你的溫柔(1996)。
05 15:44-19:49 讀你(1984)。
06 19:50-24:48 最後一夜(1984)。
07 24:49-29:02 蝶衣(1984)。
08 29:06-33:00 情鎖(1986)。
09 33:04-36:44 油麻菜籽(1984)。
10 36:47-41:36 傷心小站(1986)。

李榮浩 - 野生動物 Wild Animals (Official 高畫質 HD 官方完整版 MV)

source: 華納音樂 Warner Music Taiwan Official     2016年1月6日
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/RHL-TopHits
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/wanimals
KKBOX: http://kkbox.fm/qa037L
myMusic: http://smarturl.it/wildA_mm
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