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source: Epic Music VN        2016年8月9日
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00:00 Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre - Renaissance
03:57 David Chappell - Dear You
07:28 Jo Blankenburg - Argus
10:10 Ravenia - We All Died For Honor
14:37 Amine Sebti - River Of Angels
17:22 Phil Rey & Felicia Farerre - Heart of Lore
21:52 Frank Schlimbach feat. Alina Lesnik - Nuria
24:58 Colossal Trailer Music - Colossal Guardian
26:38 Colossal Trailer Music - Dragon Age
30:10 Falk Wunsch - Brave
34:26 Anthony Greninger - With Love
39:00 Jo Blankenburg - Artemis
41:47 Danny Rayel - Irregular Force
45:14 Mechanical Vibes - Exterminator
47:14 Mitchell Miller Music - Howl (Instrumental Version)
49:58 Colossal Trailer Music - Avalanche
51:20 Rise Studios - Someday

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Colossal Trailer Music: http://emvn.co/20Qe66k
Ravenia: https://ravenia.bandcamp.com/
Phil Rey: http://emvn.co/2atti6C
Jo Blankenburg: http://emvn.co/29GUV8W
Amine Sebti: https://www..com/channel/UCuqqUxDkhuu...
David Chappell: https://soundcloud.com/davidchappell-2
Frank Schlimbach: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01BGXQ5PI
Falk Wunsch: http://falkwuensch.jimdo.com/
Anthony Greninger: https://anthonygreninger.bandcamp.com
Danny Rayel: https://dannyrayel.bandcamp.com
Mechanical Vibes: https://goo.gl/5gdHVR
Rise Studios: www..com/channel/UCoIZYBD_juIpWmvSD_SVRgw
Mitchell Miller: https://goo.gl/zhoq7i