Mohicans: Tayta Wirak'ocha

source: M. Laurens Bullstar   2011年8月14日
Viracocha created the universe, sun, moon and stars, time (by commanding the sun to move over the sky) and civilization itself. -- Viracocha teremtette a világot, napot, holdat,a csillagokat, az időt (parancsára a nap is arrébb állt az égen) és a civilizációt magát is.
'Mohicans' is mostly composed, produced, played and arranged by Fabrizio Baldoni, Gino de Stefani, Paolo RE and Simone Coen.
Music not folk of Natine Americans. It's, "Music inspired by the deep spirit of Native Americans". In real,
i'ts a New Aged (and a little bit Ethnic Fusioned) variations on the Music of Native Americans theme.

Eric Harry: I Am the Sea - Én vagyok a tenger

source: M. Laurens Bullstar 2011年7月1日

Michael Hoppé: Lavender Shadows

source: M. Laurens Bullstar  2011年1月23日

San Fransico 20140716

source: wittydud  2014年8月11日
San Francisco Theme Music By Antonio Resende
Film By TriumphRainbow LLC