LICHTMOND - Early Dew (Morgenrot) HD

source: Lichtmond  :2010年7月29日
Lichtmond is Audiovisual Poetry.
HD Video, also available in 3D on Blu-ray
"I would trade a billion shining stars for a single kiss from you" - Very beautiful, insightful love poems, catchy ambient pop and chill-out songs weaved into enthralling tapestries of sound as well as captivating and fascinating 3D animated imagery - that is the magic world of LICHTMOND. The viewer is whisked away to an enchanting universe of fantasy the minute he enters.
"LICHTMOND has all of the experience and creativity and is the lifeblood which we have gained in music composition and production", the Koppehele brothers say. "Therefore it is a very special project for us." The artists first created the magic tapestries of sound. They formed the basis for the melodies and the English lyrics which Suna Koppehele, Giorgio's wife, composed for them. Gabi Koppehele, Martin's wife, wrote the German love poems for them. "The concept is a journey through electronic worlds of sound, coupled with fascinating voices of the guest musicians and the imagery - music for all of the senses. And the love poems are the "breath". The poetry correlates with these worlds of sound and should take the listener and viewer along on a journey. A trip which whisks you away from stress and daily life into your own poetic, magical world".
Also avalibe as 3D Blu-ray
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