Brian Crain - Piano Opus (2009 Album)

source: Brian Crain Fan   2012年6月14日
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01 -- Wind
02 -- Earth
03 -- Water
04 -- Fire
05 -- Rain
06 -- Spring
07 -- Summer
08 -- Autumn
09 -- Winter
10 -- Snow
11 -- Ice
12 -- Canon in D
13 - Butterfly Waltz (Bonus Track)

"When I started working on my album Piano Opus in the summer of 2008, I didn't have the faintest idea what I wanted to compose. This being my thirteenth album, I found it challenging to write something fresh. I listened to many other composers in an effort to spark inspiration. I was surprised by how many albums lose their appeal after the first few songs. So I set out to create a solo piano album that can keep the listener's interest all the way through."

"I found that one of the main reasons so many other composers' songs sounded similar was that they were written in the same time signatures. Most music is written in 4/4 or 3/4 time. So I set out to write a song in complex time. I chose 5/4 for my first attempt. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to play in 5/4, let alone compose in it. I carried on my experiment for a couple of months until I composed the song titled Wind."

"After the exhausting work of composing in 5/4, I tried to go back to composing in common time (4/4 or 3/4), but I now felt more comfortable writing in complex time. So I continued my complex time adventure and wrote an additional song in 5/4, then three in 7/8 and one in 11/8. I was having so much fun that I often wondered if others would think that I was off my rocker. I hope you think I'm still rocking. ;)" ~ Brian Crain (From cd insert)