Hindi Zahra - Don't Forget

source: n nigani 2014年01月29日

Don't forget about me
When you sleep
Don't forget about me
When you leave
'cause day after day
This love grows
And in so many ways
This love knows
How my heart is
Dying trying fighting
All this passion is burning
In me
And my tears are falling droping
Can't stop this is what we call love
Don't forget about me
When you say goodbye
Early in the morning
When you pass me by
Don't be a stranger
To my poor little heart
And don't let these tears
Fall again from my eyes
Don't forget about me
No no no I tell you
You know where I lay down to sleep
And you know about all my dreams
When your hands are moving around me
I'm dying I'm trying I'm fighting
All this passion's inside me
Inside me
Inside me
Don't forget