1-Hour Fantasy Music - Aura (Full Album)

source: BrunuhVille  2013年7月3日
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Aura is a journey through all my dreams.
From love and loss to the most epic adventure called life.
1.Aura 00:00
2.Heaven & Hell 03:30
3.Magic of Love 07:52
4.Anyone But You 11:17
5.River of Tears 13:06
6.Diary 17:16
7.Luna 20:29
8.Dream Chaser 23:44
9.Hymn to Eternity 24:52
10.The White Forest 28:51
11.Lusitanus 33:14
12.Draig Llofrudd 39:00
13.Dance With Dragons 44:49
14.King of The North 48:11
15.Aura (Alt.Version) [Bonus Track] 52:48
16.River of Tears (No Vocals) [Bonus Track] 56:11
17.Luna (Alt.Version) [Bonus Track] 01:00:23
18.The White Forest ("La Rochelle" Intro) 01:03:28
19.Lusitanus (No Choirs) [Bonus Track] 01:05:15
20.King of The North (No Choirs)[Bonus Track]01:10:58
Background picture by Lady Symphonia