The Best of Epic Music 2013

source: EpicMusicVn  2014年2月3日
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00:36 Audiomachine - Age of Dragons
03:46 Audiomachine - Blood and Stone
05:20 Future World Music - Follow Your Dream
06:48 John Dreamer - True Strength
10:11 Xtortion Audio - Shadows and Conspiracy
12:32 Audiomachine - Shadowfall
15:09 Florian Bur - Life Goes On
17:48 Immediate Music - While The City Sleep
19:53 Brand X Music - No Hope Left
22:48 Position Music- Dark Walk
25:22 Really Slow Motion - Splendid
29:00 Lorn Balfe - Beyond (OST Beyond Two Souls - Vocal version)
31:02 Thomas Bergersen - Cry
35:02 Ivan Torrent - Before I Leave This World
37:40 Audiomachine - Above and Beyond
40:31 West One Music (Dark Motion) - Bleak Worlds
42:54 Audiomachine - Mission to the Unknown
45:40 Two Steps From Hell - Echoes And Ashes
48:48 Unstoppable Music - Fight To Win
51:40 Pitch Hammer Music - Serve and Protect
54:44 Phil Rey - Free As The Wind
58:52 Must Save Jane - Into The Fire
01:01:41 Steven Price - Gravity (Gravity OST)