Topas - Days Of Summer

source: shichwan  2009年4月19日
1980年,德國 Topas (黃玉合唱團) 的成名曲。

Days of summer your end is in sight.
So herald the birds on the wing.
Look to the heavens and see how they fly.
And hear well the song that they sing.

Southwards they're flying, their homes left behind.
Unchained by the nests that they've made.
They're following the sun as they always have done.
Not waiting, not wanting, not afraid.

Ask now yourself what your goal is in life,
that's holding you tight as a chain.
Prisoned by progress, desire and greed.
Have you traded your freedom for gain?

Trained to be tame from the day you were born.
You can still brake away if you try.
So fight against drudgery , you're really a man.
Awaken and look to the sky