Adrian Munsey - The Distance Between

source: Juancitoamericano   2014年9月24日
Adrian Munsey
A history scholar at King’s College, Cambridge and a graduate of the Royal College of Art, Adrian Munsey has enjoyed a wide-ranging career as a film and TV producer and documentary maker. He is also a highly acclaimed composer, both classical and popular music, and has released several albums of solo, choral and instrumental works.
Angèle Dubeau
Born in Saint-Norbert, Quebec, Angèle Dubeau is among the most prominent Canadian violinists of her generation. Arguably she is the most popular of them: for three seasons she appeared as host of a weekly broadcast on Canadian television called “Faites vos gammes” (Do your scales), devoted to introducing new musical talent, and has had several best-selling recordings, becoming one of the relatively few classical artists from any country with a recording that achieved gold status.

In 1997 Angèle Dubeau founded La Pietà, an all-female string ensemble, and one of Canada’s leading classical performers. In 2004 the Canadian government awarded her the prestigious rank of Knight for the National Order of Quebec.

The Distance Between
Performed by La Pietà Ensemble
Angèle Dubeau, Conductor
Angèle Dubeau, Violin