Brian Crain Live Concert (2012) [HD]

source: Brian Crain Fan 2013年3月2日
This is a live concert broadcasted by EBS. I like to thank eteroo413 for giving me the copy of this live concert plus this video contains a short interview segment as well.
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1.Brian Crain - A Walk in the Forest (Intro)
2.Brian Crain - Sunrise
3.Brian Crain - Moonrise aka Moonlight
4.Brian Crain - A Walk in the Forest
5.Brian Crain - Time Forgotten
6.Brian Crain - Winds (During the Interview)
7.Brian Crain - Song For Rome
8.Brian Crain - Song For Sienna
9.Brian Crain - Mid Summer Night
10.Brian Crain - Andante Affettuoso
11.Brian Crain - Song For Sienna
12.Brian Crain - Butterfly Waltz
13.Brian Crain - Arriang