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source: EpicMusicVn   2014年10月5日
“Ununpentium is an epic and aggressive hybrid-orchestral dramatic score with glitchy industrial elements, triumphant choir, intense and heroic string and brass arrangements with some downright dirty and sinister sound design. Ununpentium is a new breed of epic massive mayhem, unleashed to the public at their own risk."
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Music by Sub Pub Music  
Album: Ununpentium (2014)
Tracks list:
00:00 Into Oblivion
02:23 Singular
04:52 Intrinsical
07:33 Inferno
10:11 Endeavor
12:36 Ununpentium
14:15 Revolution
16:55 Freefall
19:07 A Wrinkle in Time
21:26 Destroyer
23:35 Disintegrator
25:42 Bonebreaker
28:07 He Is a Legend
30:17 Never Lose Hope
33:02 A Light Through Darkness
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