BrunuhVille - New Album "Aurora"

source: BrunuhVille  2014年11月3日
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Finally my 8th album is here! Aurora features 11 original tracks +3 bonus tracks.
The number of tracks is slightly less than previous albums due to the fact that 2 songs are 12min (Tales of Ice and Blood) and 8min long (Lumina).
You can find it in the normal online stores including also Amazon and Google Music, aswell as streaming websites such as Spotify (it might take a few days to appear in some stores).

1.Tales of Ice and Blood 12:13
2.The Essence of Life (Feat.Sharm) 04:31
3.Aeternum 04:12
4.Into Darkness 03:49
5.The Wolf and the Moon 03:59
6.Black Heart 04:58
7.Birth of Love 03:58
8.Falls of Glory 04:53
9.Fields of Elysium 03:32
10.Blue Rose 03:06
11.Lumina 08:24
12.Cry of the Dragons (Feat.Sharm) (Bonus) 04:06
13.The Essence of Life (Instrumental) (Bonus) 04:34
14.The Wolf and the Moon (Celtic Version) (Bonus) 03:30

Tracks 2, 12 and chant on track 14 with the amazing voice of Sharm :

Album artwork was created by myself, perfected with the huge help of Liancary:
- https://www.facebook.com/liancaryart
- http://liancary-stock.deviantart.com/

Model in the background :
Maria Amanda: https://www.facebook.com/MariaAmanda....