The Guggenheim Grotto ( Storyman) - WISDOM -

source: Adamfulgence     2015年2月16日
Storyman (until recently, the Guggenheim Grotto) does folk-pop music. The original group was comprised of three Irish musicians. Eventually, Kevin May and Mick Lynch moved to NYC and have created a style which is truly their own.
Their studio albums include: #1 debut album: Waltzing Alone. #2 Happy The Man. #3 The Universe is Laughing and their most recent #4 This Time Round (the latter omits their original name making them officially, “STORYMAN”.
The song, “Wisdom” is from their album. “The Universe is Laughing” (2010). The album has been referred to as a “lyrical journey through life’s mysteries”. “Wisdom” challenges a list of guidelines society gives us to find happiness and righteousness with the chorus, “I listen and I hear what’s said / I follow it from A to zed / But wisdom hasn’t found me yet”. And finally, all those foibles mentioned are capped off with the ironically sunshiney “la-la-la-la” las.

The road is long
You're gonna get thrown about
Stick to the rhythm
Breathe it in and breath it out
Do what you do, there isn't any secret
Chop wood, draw water, roll cigarettes
Find a lover, put a flower in her hair
Climb a mountain, see the mountain disappear
Be the first to go back to the ghost town
Break bread with the man that's gonna bring you down
Deep deep down

I listen and I hear what's said
I follow it from a to zed
But wisdom hasn't found me yet

You're feeling scared, Jesus is your bodyguard
You feel alone, take a look in your backyard
Put your eye to the eye of a telescope
The universe looks back through a microscope
Adopt a highway
Dress yourself in camel-hair
A wasted life is a life lived unaware
Make money, put it on a number eight (the number 8 represents prosperity in feng shui)
Tempt fate, maybe you're a wheel goin' round
Round and round

I listen and I hear what's said
i follow it from a to zed
but wisdom hasn't found me….. yet