The White Birch ~ Solid Dirt

source: tzortzinious    2015年3月8日
Taken from the new album "The Weight of Spring" out now at Glitterhouse. For any further information please visit:
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Take me to the solid dirt
Invert this land
Let the stains revert
Unfold who we are
Through every scar
They used to shine like medals and stars

Take me to were the daughters swim
To tease the boys
Hearts filled to the brim
Make me believe
Your heart will not flee
Into the horizon
Towards the endless sea

I was just a boy
With the urge to destroy
I was just a boy
With scars to deploy

Take me to the spring that scatters
Its restless wings
Among our hearts
And we shall prevail
From this air
That breathes through everywhere

I was a boy
With a need to destroy
I will be a man,
I will rise from this land

Let the bells ring
Let the air sing
Let the hearts bring
Their scars and submit to spring

Through solid dirt