Burton Cummings - Dream Of A Child

source: Adamfulgence    2015年4月25日
“Dream of a Child” was written and first recorded by David Forman in 1976. Here, Canadian singer/songwriter/musician/keyboard player Burton Cummings, the former lead singer of the group “The Guess Who” chose it as a cover.
It can be found in the album by the same name, “Dream of a Child” (1978).

** Personal note **
This is an exquisite song performed by an extraordinary singer/keyboard player but I found myself digressing, ever so briefly, from the smooth and dreamy lyrics to the reality of a child’s dream when that child is in the midst of a violent culture. Though it may be a small and chilling departure from the over-all tone of this song, I still felt compelled to include how violence can infiltrate a child’s mind as much as the Mickey Mantles, the Brenda Lees and the comic book characters of earlier days.