Frazey Ford - September Fields [Official Music Video]

source: NettwerkMusic     2014年11月10日
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music: 「September Fields」,演出者:Frazey Ford (iTunes)

(lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/september-fields-lyrics-frazey-ford.html)
You Better Get Up For Your Mama
You Better Grab The Best Of Your Life
I Know You're Ready
To Get Older
Well All You Have To Do Is Wander
Over Fields Of Dark Time
Where Do You Find Yourself
Feeling Lonesome
Do You Reckon Your Body & Your Mind (?)
Day On Earth By the Streets At Night
Oh Yeah
I Saw You Passing
There in The Street Lights
Do You Have
A Home For The Morning
And Are You Holding
Holding On So Tight
You Say That's What You Have Been Given
A Whole Lot Of Nothing For Your Time
And Have You Sunken
Down In Your Bones
Do You Toss & Turn & Turn At Night
And Are You Holding, Holding On So Tight
Do You Toss & Turn & Turn At Night
And Are Holding, Holding On So Tight