Ghir Enta ~ Souad Massi / Painter: Anny Maddock

source: MariMari142     2015年6月10日
سعاد ماسي ~ غير إنتا
Ghir Enta ~ Souad Massi
Think of me
Oh you who I love
My heart chose you
And I dont know what to do
Now youre by my side
But tomorrow, who knows?
Thats how the world is
Sweet and bitter at the same time

No one but you
No one but you
No one but you has entered my heart
No one but you
No one but you
There's no one but you in my heart

Your love puzzles me
At night I can't sleep
Why do you make me suffer so much ?
Spring does not last forever
And roses wilt in the end
I'm in chaos, I'm in chaos
Think of me