Alchemical Fire ~ 417Hz From Solfeggio Harmonics Vol 2

source: Source Vibrations     2015年7月15日
Inspired by the harmonic patterns behind light, electromagnetism, and sound, this album is the second installment of the Solfeggio Harmonics Sound Healing Project.

Solfeggio Harmonics Volume 2 is 9 parts, each carefully tuned to a solfeggio frequency - tones derived from a form of mysticism that uses modular 9 arithmetic. These vibratory healing journeys will interest therapists, practitioners, meditators and musicians. Described as medicine for the New Age, this album is inclusive of the winding path of the souls journey, imprinted the memory of its origin and destination.

Nested somewhere between New Age, ambient and electro-world genres, Solfeggio Harmonics Vol.2 rides a cutting edge of consciousness music, where ancient mystical mathematics and modern music technology converge in a transmission of therapeutic sound. Vibrationally encoded sonic communications are set in the context of textural soundscapes and woven with intentional melodies and grooves. This album features scenes that are both meditative and surprising; a sophisticated maneuvering of sound and mathematics in the spirit of love and light.

download the full-length hi- resolution album at: https://sourcevibrations1.bandcamp.co...