Nate Ruess: Great Big Storm [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

source: Fueled By Ramen     2015年7月14日
Nate Ruess' official video for 'Great Big Storm' from the new album Grand Romantic - available now on Fueled By Ramen. http://smarturl.it/grandromantic
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Directed By: James Lees

Because we’re
holding our own in a great big storm
it’s a great big storm and we’re holding our own

I’ve been lost in this maze
losing love losing friends losing faith in chemicals
Afraid one day you’ll find me
asleep above the stars

I watch my mother cry
Father time is catching up
I keep the phone by my side
afraid she’ll wake me up to catch the next flight
in time to say goodbye

But sometimes I fall asleep at night
to the TV light and it sings
oh ooo whoa oh
One day the sun will break into the room

Because we’re holding our own in a great big storm
and though we’re cutting it close
we won’t let go
Oh no I can’t believe
everything falling down around me
but now we’re holding our own
and won’t let go

Broken hearts broken homes and broken bones
secret love let me go
You know I gotta find my own way
through mistakes that I can’t change

Because there’s beauty in every sin
every single black eye
has some blue like the moon just before the sun shines
No I don’t believe in all the things that they preach

But sometimes I fall asleep at night
and I just know you’re smiling at me
Oh ooo whoa oh
one day I’m gonna make this up to you

I can’t stand myself
and all the curse words that fall from my mouth
I can’t stand myself
or my legs as they run from the ones here to help
But I just woke up with you next to me
some new air to breathe
and a belief that it’s all gonna be alright
I can’t stand myself
but it’s high time that we gave it a try
and I think I’m gonna finally give myself a new try