Luiza Geltz -Digital Artist -( Beautiful Flowers ) -

source: Orban Jolana    2015年8月15日
​​Luiza Gelts is a very fashionable and outstanding digital artist, master in still-life, landscape and other types of photo art. Her fascinating artworks decorate private galleries and connoisseurs’ homes in France, Belgium, Holland, Philippines and other countries.

​Exhibitions and rewards:
​​ Winner in “Best Russian Photographs”, 2011
International Exhibition “Orthodox Russia”, PhotoPodium Project 2011, 2010, 2009
Winner and Grand Prix at the Iinternational Exhibition of Russian Fine Arts Academy, “Environment, Human-being and Archetecture”, 2011
Grand Prix at International Exhibition “ Fourth Dimension”, 2011
International Exhibition of Russian and Philippine artists, 2010
International Exhibition of Russian Artists in Paris, 2010
Exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubna, 2009 - 2011