Seasons (Roy Todd) - FULL ALBUM (DVD)

source: roytoddmusic   2014年12月9日

00:21 - Rain
05:24 - A Passing Time
08:54 - Seasons
16:47 - Sunrise
21:15 - For the Love of Spring
26:35 - Bluebells's Ballad
31:32 - Summer's Day
37:26 - To Love and to Cherish
42:09 - Autumn's Embrace
47:10 - A Time to Remember
51:46 - Winter Requiem

Roy Todd was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His original piano instrumental music has an appeal that transcends age and culture and is described as evocative, reflective, ambient & deeply emotional.

Roy Todd is the composer of music such as ‘Child of the Troubles’, ‘The Wedding Bride’s Piano’ and ‘Twilight’ - and some of his original piano instrumentals have featured on TV & film. To date, he has released 12 albums - all of which are available at http://www.roytoddmusic.co.uk

If you enjoy piano instrumental music that touches your heart and emotions, then you’ll
love the original piano music of Roy Todd.

To find out about using music & any other details, email: info@roytoddmusic.co.uk