Pobeda Airlines features John Sokoloff ~ Walnut Grove ~

source: John S.      2015年9月20日
John Sokoloff Songs on new carrier ~ Pobeda Airlines.
(Walnut Grove, Maddie and Kilgore, Karen's Smile plus more)
Official Music of Pobeda Airlines.
2 million passengers in first 10 months!
Just Listen...:))

"I have heard John Sokoloff's music called "romantic piano" or "sad piano music" or simply "beautiful relaxing music" - all of the above are gross oversimplifications. Sokoloff's music has a timeless and palpable melancholic quality that conveys a certain seemingly contradictory vision - a sense of optimistic fatalism.... There are layers of meaning that transcend the obvious inherent beauty of his music. There is a depth of reality that gradually reveals itself with multiple listenings. And this is extremely gratifying."
Emerson M. Peat (2015)