Joshua Hyslop - The Flood (from the album "In Deepest Blue")

source: NettwerkMusic      2015年11月17日
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(lyrics: http://www.joshuahyslop.com/#theflood)
Here comes the flood again
Watch it fall from the sky
Feel it soak through my flesh and my blood
Feel it burn in my eyes

When I say how much more can I take?
I know the water’s rising up, watch the waves crest and break
And though I’ve made not but a sound
I fear that I may drown
I fear that I may drown

Here comes the wind again
Cold that cuts to the bone
Pack my bags and I’ll head out the door
Here I am on my own

When I say how much more can I stand?
I know my walls are falling down; I left the rocks and chose the sand
And though I’ve no one left to blame
Still, I cursed your name
I cursed your name

So now the end
What I’ve been running from
Though I’ve tried I cannot lift my head
Oh, what have I become?

When I say how much more can I take?
I know my time is running short, I am broken and I’ll break
And though I’ve worn myself so thin
I’m coming home again
And though I do not know my heart
Well, I know myself down to my bones, but if my bones should come apart
Then I’ll have nothing left to give
But if you take me in,
I’m coming home again
If you take me in
I’m coming home again