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source: Epic Music VN      2015年12月6日
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Tracks list:
00:00 Mark Petrie – Prophecy Fulfilled
01:57 Mark Petrie - The Other World
04:13 Song To Your Eyes (STYE) – When The Saviour Comes
06:59 Really Slow Motion - Illusion (No Choir Mix)
09:27 Fired Earth Music - Thunder Dawn
11:21 Epic Soul Factory - The Glorious Ones
14:29 Glory, Oath, and Blood - Djanggawul Vistas
16:32 Two Steps From Hell - Welcome to Amaria
19:46 Audiomachine - Triumph
21:54 Must Save Jane - One Day My Son
Images: Naga Siren - Dota 2
Artists: Pior Oberson
Video was edited by BRAVE team
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