The Best of Christmas Songs 2015 - EpicMusicVN

source: Epic Music VN     2015年12月22日
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Tracks list:
00:00 Position Music - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
01:49 Jo Blankenburg - Ascencia
03:53 Epic Soul Factory - Awaking Hearts
06:27 Two Steps From Hell - Northern Pastures
08:34 Imagine Music - Nature's Waking
10:35 Songs To Your Eyes - Silent Night
13:04 Really Slow Motion – The Gravity of Love
16:14 Two Steps From Hell - Miracles
21:37 Immediate Music - Live as You Dream
23:30 Mathieu Clobert - Hope in the universe
26:27 Gothic Storm - Look To The Stars
29:18 Liquid Cinema - Lumina
31:49 Valentin Wiest - I'll Come Back
36:34 Really Slow Motion - I Am Yours
40:51 Immediate Music - Illuminate
43:21 Epic Soul Factory - Moonlit Night
46:13 Lion's Heart Productions - Fight The Power
48:31 Alexandr Fullin - If Stars Could Speak
52:13 Audiomachine - When The Time Comes
55:06 Gothic Storm - Land Of The Ice Creatures
57:16 Fired Earth Music - Strength of Destiny
Images: Just a project we made with Adobe After Effect :D
Video was edited by Cừu Deli and EpicGuys