Saturn's Gate ~ Live 432hz Sound Transmission (w/binaural beat frequencies)

source: Source Vibrations    2016年4月11日
Unlock the gate to the realms past Saturn's rings. Recorded LIVE on the new moon, April 7th, 2016, in the Verdi 432hz tuning. This sound journey is a dynamic, experimental, atmospheric soundscape providing a backdrop for explorations beyond. Using methods from the practices of sonic mysticism, this set resonates Saturn's planetary tempo, frequency and symbol correspondences.
Embedded in this track are binaural beat frequencies used to assist listeners in entering a relaxed state (4.5hz Theta target state). To experience the effects of binaural beat frequencies, stereo headphones are required.
Music: Asa featuring Katherine Eid
Moving still digital painting: "Passage" by Asa
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