Do Duy Tuan

source: Leonid LL    2016年5月11日
До Дуй Туан, вьетнамский художник, один из самых талантливых художников во Вьетнаме и, при этом, глубокий мыслитель. Он рисует в основном женщин, изображает их художник, в задумчивом и сказочном настроении, и использует смешанные техники, как и материал, на котором рисует.
Vietnamese artist Do Duy Tuan was born in 1954.
Graduated from Hue Fine Arts College
Do Duy Tuan is one of the most talented artists in the field of contemporary modern art in Vietnam. His distinctive styled artworks feature mostly beautiful women, portraying his female subjects in somber and dreamy like moods, using clever blends of mixed media and oil as his material. He successfully merged both a high degree of delicacy and texture creating effective contrast in his paintings.
He has received numerous awards from competitions and exhibits internationally. Twice, he has received the Certificate of Recognition from the Phillip Morris Group of Companies ASEAN Art Awards.