source: Pulsar Recordings    2012年12月30日
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To celebrate another year of outstanding trance music, Pulsar Recordings is proud to bring you 'Best Of Pulsar 2012', a two-disc mix with a total of 25 of the best tunes the label had to offer over the year.

The first disc is a non-stop 138-to-140 bpm, pumping, energetic trip. Featuring sounds such as Raytheon's thick synths, Blue Tente's big pads, and Sound Apparel's emotional piano melodies, this part of the mix is an uplifting and emotional adventure that has become the signature of Pulsar.

The second part includes more progressive, laid-back tunes that are nonetheless just as melodic and entrancing. The tracks in this disc include Ascania's 'Emerald', Alex Wackii's 'Ode To Felix', Aeden's 'Fragile Flame', and the Cymatics remix of Andy van Kayne's 'Gradius'.

To show our appreciation of the continuous support we receive from our fans, we have provided the entire mix for free download, to be enjoyed in its entirety, without any pauses or interruptions.

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CD1 - Tracklistings:
[01][00:00] Raytheon - Caldera (Original Mix)
[02][10:00] French Skies - Hieroglyph (Original Mix)
[03][16:15] Sensi pres. Dark Dynasty - Pandora Song (Original Mix)
[04][22:31] Sunset Heat - Divided Kingdom (Blue Tente's Remix)
[05][28:51] Max Solar & Next Beat - Future Fusion (Original Mix)
[06][33:41] Dominik von Francois - Last Sunrise (Alexey R. Remix)
[07][40:07] Peet B - Always and Forever (Original Mix)
[08][45:26] Aeden - Fragile Flame (New World Remix)
[09][52:31] Sound Apparel - Sadness (Original Mix)
[10][1:00:13] Sound Apparel - Soundtrack Vitae (Original Mix)
[11][1:07:21] Sound Apparel - The End (Original Mix)

CD2 - Tracklistings:
[01][1:16:59] Bart Panco - Cumulus (Original Mix)
[02][1:22:04] M.E.D.O. - Heaven Is Here When You're Near
[03][1:26:50] Andy van Kayne - Gradius (Cymatics Remix)
[04][1:31:59] M.E.D.O. & Odison - Summer Escape (Original Mix)
[05][1:37:29] M.E.D.O. - Away from you (Original Mix)
[06][1:41:44] M.E.D.O. - Plisana Pesma (Bart Panco Remix)
[07][1:47:08] Dominik von Francois - Last Sunrise (Original Mix)
[08][1:52:55] Airzoom & CJ SN - Sophie's Dream (Original Mix)
[09][1:58:07] Alex Wackii - Ode To Felix (Original Mix)
[10][2:03:32] Dominik von Francois - Romance Today (Original Mix)
[11][2:07:06] Ascania - Emerald (Original Mix)
[12][2:12:02] Dreamy - Dragon's Paradise (Hoyaa Remix)
[13][2:16:52] Nagijuana - Rising From The Ashes (Ancient Mind)
[14][2:22:50] Aeden - Fragile Flame (Original Mix)