source: Pulsar Recordings   2013年12月31日
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The time has come for another worthy treasure of Pulsar's! We are ecstatic to bring you our 'best of the best' compilation for the year 2013. Two discs, two mixes and 29 amazing tracks that highlight the year behind us, making it up for almost 3 hours of pure trance heavens!

The first part opens up with the Bart Panco's deep chilled out sounds giving the listeners a warm welcome with heart felt melodies. The mix continues building up to higher paced tunes rounding it up at strong 138 bpm. From there on it is a non-stop uplifting mix with the likes of Dominik von Francois, Blue Tente, Ancient Mind, Sound Apparel and many others.

The second part welcomes us with the summer vibes of Skysha and Syntheticsax's amazing saxophone skills quickly followed by an outstanding vocal track by Triplane that will make you sing along. And if you thought the first part was banging, wait till we go deeper in the second part reaching a 140bpm flight throughout the universe of pure, blissful trance music.

The both mixes are provided for free download as our never ending appreciation of our fans that supported us through thick and thin. Enjoy our works and see you next year!

How can I support your work?
Well, you can buy the unmixed album on iTunes:http://bit.ly/tbop13it or subscribe to our weekly releases by becoming a Pulsar VIP member:http://bit.ly/PulsarVIP

CD 1 - Tracklistings:
01. [00:28] Pavel Yudin - Sweet (Bart Panco Remix)
02. [05:43] M.E.D.O. - Holidays (Original Mix)
03. [09:42] Dreamy - Endless Twilight (Aiera Remix)
04. [15:01] Dominik von Francois - Panorama (Original Mix)
05. [21:20] Dominik von Francois - Visions (Original Mix)
06. [25:23] French Skies - Calista (Blue Tente's Uplifting Remix)
07. [30:29] Ancient Mind - Dersaadet (Original Mix)
08. [36:17] Ihor Mihal - Afield (Original Mix)
09. [41:23] Andy van Kayne - Open Gates (Bart Panco Dub Mix)
10. [45:40] Dominik von Francois - Symbiosis (Ancient Mind Mix)
11. [51:11] Ascania - Supersymmetry (French Skies Remix)
12. [57:11] Sound Apparel - Sanctum (Original Mix)
13. [63:38] Marian Closca pres. Skyscape - Quantum Fighter
14. [1:08:43] Ikerya Project - Full On Acid (Original Mix)
15. [1:13:18] Oliver & Tom - Three Headed Monkey (Farzam Remix)

CD 2 - Tracklistings:
01. [1:20:04] Skysha feat. Syntheticsax - Wandering Thoughts
02. [1:24:49] Triplane feat. Juli - Fade Away (Original Mix)
03. [1:29:26] Dominik von Francois - Daylight (Original Mix)
04. [1:34:40] Ilya ViG - Pacilistrica (Original Mix)
05. [1:40:22] Ascania - Trying To Disappear (Original Mix)
06. [1:45:25] Infite - True Love (New World Remix)
07. [1:52:41] Ancient Mind - Huma (Original Mix)
08. [1:58:11] Dreamy - This Is It (Jesper Olesen Remix)
09. [2:03:39] Dreamy - Endless Twilight (Original Emotional Mix)
10. [2:09:08] Ascania - Spacetime (Dreamy's Out In Space Remix)
11. [2:13:56] Mark Rustell - Ethereal (Ikerya Project Remix)
12. [2:18:58] BluEye - Angels & Demons (Original Mix)
13. [2:25:22] Max Solar & Next Beat - Road To Heaven (Ancient Mind Remix)
14. [2:30:51] Sound Apparel - Victoria (Original Mix)