Paintings & Music - Stepan Nesterchuk & Maurice Jarre ( Dr. Zhivago: Lar...

source: Orban Jolana    2015年5月31日
Russian artist Stepan Nesterchuk was born in 1978 in the of Dmitrov in 2002, he graduated from the Moscow State Art. - industrial University after Stroganov.
Since 2006, has been a member of the Artists Union of Russia and the International Federation of Artists. Stepan Nesterchuk is a young artist, expressing himself in different directions of art – painting, drawing, photography, design. But the favorite form of art is painting, to which he devotes much time since childhood and, and it is the principal means of his expression. The main theme that runs in all directions of his work is interest to the heritage of the past from the old architecture to the common household items, in which he draws inspiration and new ideas. Stepan Nesterchuk – lyricist in the warehouse of the soul, his favorite genre – landscape painting, where he tries to convey the mood, enhance the beauty of nature, its transition state – the evening sunset colors, morning mist over the river or dusk. On his canvases he creates poetic and lyrical picture of Russian nature, constantly learning from such masters of the realistic landscape painting, as Levitan, A. Savrasov, F. Vasilyev. His main hobby is interest in his native city, the monuments of its architecture, the study of the lost, reconstructing images of ancient Dmitrov. In his paintings he tries to show their vision of the old city from the surviving parts to recreated old photographs.