Snatam Kaur: Suni-Ai Celebration [HD-BS]

source: M. Laurens Bullstar     2011年10月24日
Suniai sidh peer sur naath
Suniai dharat dhaval aakaas
Suniai deep loa paataal
Suniai pohe na sakay kaal
Naanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas
Suniai dookh paap ka naas
Listening, the siddhas (beings of spiritual perfection),
The spiritual teachers, the heroic warriors, the Yogic Masters.
Listening, the earth, it's support, and the akaashic ethers.
Listening, the oceans, lands, and peoples of the world,
And the nether regions of the underworld.
Listening, death cannot touch you.
O Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss.
Listening, pain and sin are erased.

music: 「Suni-ai (Listening Celebration)」,演出者:Snatam Kaur (eMusiciTunes)